Who Would Want to Break Us?

I am a pirate, you are a princess, we could sail the seven seas.” – PlayRadioPlay!

I’ve done much in the last Eleven Days. Written, rewritten, applied, and phone interviewed. Now applying for more.

On the side, people continue to pay me for being creative. I enjoy this. It’s nice to have positive cashflow.

On Saturday, I wrote a Python script to parse Apache log files and dump the data into a MySQL database. I worked on improving it Sunday. Monday night, I had to do some other work, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the Python. Coding is fun and I love it especially when I’m in the groove. The zone. Focused in, ignoring everything else, and just coding.

I watched the season finale for Deadlist Catch tonight. Somehow, a show about crab fishermen has become one of my favorite television shows. I’ve been pairing back the number of shows on the DVR “to record” list in an attempt to free myself from the constraints of the television. I called up the satellite co. and threatened to cancel my service, but I settled for a price drop of $12/month. I like to watch the occasional Nebraska Huskers football game in the fall and it’ll be here soon enough.

Upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.6. Whee. A few minor tweaks and improvements to the back-end as usual. On the front-end, the only difference you’ll notice is an extra smattering of Quenyan words I grabbed from some dictionaries and language guides recently as inspired by comments on a recent post.

Minor Threats

I’ve upgraded to the newest version of WordPress (2.3.3, not quite ready for 2.5 beta). 2.3 had some vulnerabilities so I’m doing the smart thing and closing out some of the holes. Even 2.3.3 has been reportedly having some issues recently and I hope WordPress will fix the problems and not just ignore the issue in favor of finishing 2.5. Yeah, I want 2.5, but I want a stable version of the platform I’m currently on.

If you noticed the site had a bit of downtime earlier today, this would be why. I needed to update it as soon as possible, so I did.

MyTwitter WordPress Plugin

NEW ADDRESS: http://anwanore.com/projects/mytwitter — The plugin has a new address at a project page I created exclusively for the MyTwitter for WordPress plugin

Plugin: MyTwitter
Current Version: 1.5 (Updated February 10, 2008)
Download (Zip) (from official WordPress Plugins site)
Download (Zip) (from my server)
Note: Only download from sites you trust. I’ve seen a few illegitimate spam sites popping up with ripped-off copies of the text and files with no attribution.

About: MyTwitter allows users to display their Twitter status updates (tweets) on their WordPress blog and update their status through the Options page. Includes customization options including number of recent twitters to display, formatting options, and stylesheets. It can be called as a function or used as a widget.

MyTwitter @ Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyTwitt3r

Please see the new project page for MyTwitter for installation assistance and to leave any comments about the plugin.


I apologize if you had trouble accessing the site today. One of my WordPress plugins randomly stopped working for whatever reason, so I axed it and replaced it with a newer, better version of an alternative plugin and now things are running smoothly. I also upgraded to the most recent version of WordPress while I was at it. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference, but if you’d like you can just imagine the engine of your car without any dust or misplaced grease. It’s like that.

Also, if you’ve tried using my RSS feed lately and it wasn’t working… I apologize. Apparently the address I had set up at Feedburner was from my old address from over a year ago which stopped redirecting at some point so things went dead. Whoops!

In any case, the feed addresses are as follows and are up to date and functioning properly:
Comments for anwanórëhttp://feeds.feedburner.com/anwanorecomments55

Update: I’ve also refreshed the link categories in the sidebar to recommend sites I enjoy more recently. Also did some slight reorganizing of the sections and added a new “Teh Awesome” category for miscellaneous sites I enjoy. If you haven’t heard about Starcraft II yet, go view the previews at the link.

You’ll notice if you look closely that there are a few minor formatting issues with the text layout currently. I’m working to resolve this problem, but it’s not going to be finished tonight.

Another Update: I’ve tried some different plugin options for the formatting (Textile2 and TextileWrapper). While the newest versions of both of these plugins work, I’m encountering some spacing problems on a few of my posts. For now I’m just going to leave this plugin off and fix any of my posts where I used Textile to do the formatting.