A Different View

I got fed up with Windows Vista on my desktop computer today. I nuked it. For the first time in years, I typed the fabulous DOS command into my computer:

format c:

Oh, C:\ was formatted alright. I installed Windows XP onto it. At this point, Windows XP is over six years old. During the Windows XP installation process it stated the following, “Your computer will be faster and more reliable.”

Irony wins the day.

Update 4/10/08 18:40 PDT: Having gotten used to Windows Vista over the past six months or so, I’m quite shocked at how much faster Windows XP is on my computer. I’ve got a Pentium 4 3.2ghz w/ 1.5gb/RAM. I don’t have any quantitative data except to say that all my apps load faster and respond faster than on Vista.

I’m also realizing the same slugishness in Ubuntu on my laptop. Granted, that’s due to running a webserver, mailserver, and a multitude of other applications for web development purposes. Next time I’m gonna get a fast machine. Hopefully next time I’ll have more money to put towards it.