Don’t Lick the Penguin

My friends Benjamin and Suzanne from Colorado got married back in October. I’m a bit late with the photos, but there are some fun ones here.

Don't Lick the Penguin
Don’t Lick The Penguin. Unless you’re the groom.

Suzanne, Benjamin, and Me
Suzanne, Benjamin, and I

James and I
James and I

The Ladies!
The Ladies! Some days, I love being a bachelor.

Oh Lord, He’s Dancing

I’m in Colorado right now.

I’ve lived in Seattle long enough that when I leave, I realize what aspects of the culture I miss. One of the biggest aspects is the local restaurants and variety of food available in Seattle. For instance, I have a favorite Thai place in Kirkland, Japanese/Sushi place in Bellevue, and in Pioneer Square an Italian place, Irish pub, a Greek place, and Jimmy John’s. In Longmont and Boulder, I know where all the chain restaurant are and it’s just not the same.

One of the things I don’t have in Seattle is relatives and longtime friends. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve met a lot of awesome people and made some good friends in Seattle, but it’s not the same as hanging out w/ my best friend from 5th grade, seeing his wife, and meeting his first child.

The reason I came out here this trip is for a friend’s wedding. The bachelor part was on Wednesday night; only the groom got drunk so I’d say it was a success… other than groom feeling ill afterwards. Do not ever buy anyone a shot with pickle juice in it. And no, I didn’t buy it.

The wedding for Benjamin and Suzanne was yesterday afternoon. I had a fabulous time. Short ceremony, long reception. I got to dance with some beautiful ladies, talk to a lot of good friends from my post-college days in Boulder, and generally have a good time.

Among the most impressive things Benjamin and Suzanne built into the wedding was their first dance. It started out w/ a slow song that I was surprised they picked, but after 30 seconds the song skipped, the DJ looked like “oops,” but then Ben & Suzanne broke into some excellent choreography for Jump Jive ‘n’ Wail. Well played.

I got out there and danced. If you didn’t know me in college, you’d probably have no clue I know anything about dance. One benefit of living in Nebraska and being around my friends was picking up Country Swing and going to enough weddings that I learned how slow dance and also not care what people thought of how bad I danced the rest of the songs.

Props to Cora, Tracy, Jenny, Amy H., and all the other girls who danced w/ me during that time. I wouldn’t be the same without those dancing experiences in college. And thanks to the guys who taught me the few moves I do know.

Hitched in KC

Cora got married last Saturday. For the few people who were able to go, please send me pictures! If you weren’t invited, don’t freak out on Cora. It was a small wedding with immediate family + a half-dozen friends. But anyway, she’s married, I’m sad I wasn’t able to go, but happy that she’s found somebody she loves.

How Many Roads

It’s officially official. Congratulations to Tracy and Scott! Now somebody send me a wedding picture and I’ll show off the bride and groom in all their glory. (Sorry I couldn’t be there!)

In other news, I have found a new place to live. The timing isn’t bad at all. I tell the landlord I’m moving out, and then find a place to live immediately. Spiffy!

So the new place is a two-bed, two-bath w/ a good kitchen and dining/living room. It’s got washer/dryer and plenty of storage space. I’m stoked. It’ll cost a bit more than where I’m living now, but I also won’t have to worry about paint-chips flaking off the ceiling and landing on me while taking a shower. (Grrr, paint chips!)

You want to know what’s most exciting about the move? Clean carpets! The carpet in my room has been more-or-less abysmally dirty since moving in. We don’t have a properly working vacuum in our house right now, and I don’t enjoy using the shop vac for cleaning my room. I’ll clean it one more time before I move out, but I’m going to roll around on the floors in the new place as soon as I have a proper opportunity.

April 1st is the official target date. (Well, they still have to approve the application, but it won’t be an issue.) Now I just need to buy a bed. I won’t be homeless, but I’m still bedownershipless.