Various Vistas

Overlooking Puget Sound
Look, a Photo of Cal!: I managed to make the self-timer work well enough to snap off this photo of me while I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. The Puget Sound is behind me.

Following are more photos I took on my travels to Seattle to scope out the area and land a job. These photos explain why I want to move to the area.

The Quad: This is an area at the UW campus where there’s a nice walkway with some Japanese cherry trees between various campus buildings.

I Need New Feet

I do not recommend aimlessly wandering downtown streets in search of a bus route. I was confused about which road to catch to take the bus back north out of the downtown area. My feet walked uphill, downhill, and quite a ways north before realizing I was on the wrong road. I found another road, then realized it was the wrong road. Eventually, I found the write road.

The good news is this came after the job fair.

The job fair was at Safeco Field

I submitted probably ten different resumes in pursuit of opportunities ranging from valet attendant to recruiter to enrollment advisor. I’m expecting at least a couple of the managers will get back to me about my applications for these positions.

The hard part may be deciding how much of a pay cut I’m willing to take. I fully expect to be offered at least one position, but can I work for a third less money?

We’ll see.

Statutes of Seattle Fire Department employees doing their best to fight an unseen enemy

Hug the Coastline

This is the first time I’ve used an iMac since I had Jake’s old clunker at Jacksonville, FL, during the summer of ’04. I appreciated the clunker then and I appreciate this computer now.

Coming at you Live! from Seattle, heeeere’s… me!

I’ve had an adventurous day. Adventurous, at least, for me. I’ve never travelled anywhere completely alone before. Today I took a bus to the airport, boarded a plane, and flew to Seattle all by myself. I’m finally grown up and it only took 24 years. Now if only I could move out of my parents’ house things could be perfect.

So I’ve already seen a few interesting sites. Tim, who I know from Jax STP 2004, picked me up from the airport. We decided to Pike Place Market to get some food. We didn’t end up checking out the market, but we walked around for a bit. During the walking, we happened to walk by the first-ever Starbucks coffee shop (still operating!) until we found a Japanese restaurant to eat.

Nothing like raw salmon to make my day go right. Mmm, mmm… oishi.

I went to church at Mars Hill after that. It’s “contemporary” in the way _contemporary_ should be: rocking. And by rocking I don’t mean watered-down, sold-out, and shallow. This sermon packed more solid teaching than I’ve heard in the last six months (probably ’cause I haven’t been to church much). I enjoyed it.

Now I’m staying with some people I know up here. I’m exhausted from adjusting my sleep schedule to normal hours so ineed to get to bed.

I wish I had an easy way to send photos from my phone to this blog. I’ve had trouble with it so far. If you’re on Facebook, though, you can look at my mobile uploads and I’ll be adding photos there throughout this trip. For the rest of you, I’ll put some up here on the site later.

By the way, the big Job Fair is on Tuesday so please pray that it works out well!

I Feel So Alive

I feel so alive. We got back from Springfield about an hour ago. It was a fun weekend and definitely worth it. I’m beginning to enjoy road tripping very much, although it does damage the checking account fundage. (Note: I still haven’t gotten any donations to my PayPal account… *sigh* [Also note: not really expecting it either…])

Cora, Keith, and I left Lincoln about 6PM on Friday. We made it to Springfield about midnight and went bowling. One of Cora’s cousins, Nate, lives in Springfield and his roommates were out of town this weekend, so the housing situation was pretty good.

Saturday we had lunch at Taco Bell. After bringing Nate home from his work (his car was busted), we went to Bass Pro Sports. That place was HUGE! I haven’t been to Cabela’s yet here in Nebraska so I can’t compare them, but this place was bigger then the mall in my hometown (population 80k). We went down to Branson, Missouri next. There were a couple different places we wanted to check out, but they were closed getting ready for their Christmas shows since it’s almost November. Mini-golfing was a great alternative. We drove back towards Springfield a bit later and ate dinner on the way at a little diner in Ozark. Yum! $7 for chicken strips, real mashed potatos, and corn. Finished watching Meet The Parents (from earlier in the day), had some frozen custard at Andy’s (my first time trying it. good stuff). Went around Springfield a bit seeing a skating rink, some dorms, and a bit of other stuff downtown. Watched True Lies before bed.

Sunday morning, merely woke up, had breakfast, and started driving.

It was pretty cool getting to talk to Cora and Keith a lot and getting to know them both better. I didn’t know Keith very well before the trip other then seeing him at dinner and around the dorm room. Now we know each other a bit better. Cora and I hang out a lot as it is, but it was also cool getting to learn a few new things about her and also just her being there.

So yeah. That’ll be the last random road trip I take for a while. If you know of any job opportunities, please email me. Latez!

Not Random Enough

It’s just not random enough if you put in three of four hours of thought in advance. Currently, I’m not even sure of this randomness will unfold. I hope so, but this time due to necessity I’m involving a few other people who are still making their decisions. sigh

Update: Yeah, so it worked out finally. Cora, Keith, and I are heading down to Springfield, Missouri for the weekend. It should be fun just hanging out and doing… whatever there is to do in Springfield. I don’t think I’ve ever been there before, so I’ll let you know what goes down when I get back.