How Many Roads

It’s officially official. Congratulations to Tracy and Scott! Now somebody send me a wedding picture and I’ll show off the bride and groom in all their glory. (Sorry I couldn’t be there!)

In other news, I have found a new place to live. The timing isn’t bad at all. I tell the landlord I’m moving out, and then find a place to live immediately. Spiffy!

So the new place is a two-bed, two-bath w/ a good kitchen and dining/living room. It’s got washer/dryer and plenty of storage space. I’m stoked. It’ll cost a bit more than where I’m living now, but I also won’t have to worry about paint-chips flaking off the ceiling and landing on me while taking a shower. (Grrr, paint chips!)

You want to know what’s most exciting about the move? Clean carpets! The carpet in my room has been more-or-less abysmally dirty since moving in. We don’t have a properly working vacuum in our house right now, and I don’t enjoy using the shop vac for cleaning my room. I’ll clean it one more time before I move out, but I’m going to roll around on the floors in the new place as soon as I have a proper opportunity.

April 1st is the official target date. (Well, they still have to approve the application, but it won’t be an issue.) Now I just need to buy a bed. I won’t be homeless, but I’m still bedownershipless.

Life is So Engaging This Time of Year

Updated: Now with pictures!

Alright, I’ll give you one guess who just got engaged? (If you didn’t go to college with me, you can ignore the question.)

Yup, you’re right, Tracy and Scott! Congratulations to both of you!

Tracy and Scott - 1

I called Tracy yesterday after hearing the news. She was at work and struggling incredibly to not laugh and giggle out loud. I expect if she’d been anywhere else she would have yelled, “YES! I’m SOOO HAPPY!” But she was definitely smiling.

Tracy and Scott - 2

So now the big question is: who’s next? I think we already know who it will be. Phil, hurry up and ask her already. It’s been six months, that’s more than enough time. Rock the Nav style, dude. ;)

(If you’re interested, Tracy has a picture of the ring on her site.)

An Ambitious Plan to Wait

Because Tracy asked, I thought I’d give an update regarding plans for Seattle.

Thus far, I’ve applied for six different jobs in the Seattle area and have yet to hear back regarding any of them. At least two of the positions are still going through the selection process, and I have hope that I’ll get one of them or at least receive a polite slam. Both of those positions would be quite similar to my current one in several ways and would be more-or-less the best job I’m hoping to get until undertaking and completing graduate school.

Speaking of graduate school, I bought a book to study for the GMAT. Somehow I never was much impressed with the Kaplan products I’ve seen, so I opted to get the 2007 edition of The Princeton Review’s “Cracking the GMAT.” So far I’ve only made it through the intro, but it should be a good aid.

All Bets Are Off

In a partial bow to Phil’s demands, I will leave one certain video off the internet. I’ll hold onto that one until a future time when it may be more appropriate. Like at a wedding instead of on the internet. Who knew my blog isn’t the right place for all things entertaining?

The good news is I’ve got a different video of embarassment to post. Good job, Jenny, you’ve provided the content for the day. To the rest of you: Enjoy! (This one will probably make a lot more sense if you know the people involved — the voices you hear include Varv, 4L, & Tracy.)

(Direct Link to Video for the RSS Feeders)

For anybody that’s curious, I used VideoEgg instead of YouTube this time. YouTube does this weird thing where it destroys the aspect ratio of your video if it’s not a standard TV ratio (4:3).

Trip BBQ Photos

Here’s some photos from my trip. They’re from the BBQ we had a la casa de los padres de Jenny.

Some Awesome Ladies and I
Hotties + I = awesome: yeah, that’s right, this one is of me and the ladies.

Jenny and Tracy - again!
Phil+Jenny and Tracy: This one is of Jenny and Tracy, but it looks pretty sweet. Phil is in the background grilling.

Luebbe, Phil, 4L, & Varv
Luebbe, Phil, 4L, Varv: Some of the guys chilling out at the BBQ. I think Phil may be giving me a death glare.

Group Photo
Group Photo: Neither of the group photos turned out great, but this one turned out best. Sorry, Phil, looks like a hand obscured your face. I like this one ’cause people are actually smiling.

Jesse at the BBQ
Jesse at his normal: Yup, it’s Jesse!