Down in Jacksonville

I made it down to Jacksonville safely yesterday night after two days of driving for about 12 hours each. Needless to say, it wore me out, but I’m glad it’s done now. Spent today getting settled into my room (we actually have two per team and there’s four of us on the team, but we all sleep in the same room), looking around a bit for a job, and we also had Nav Nite (Jax Edition) tonight.

Anyway, I gotta finish up quick, but I’ll try to post more when I can. I’ve got a few pictures and more stuff to say.

Leaves for Florida

I’ll be on my way down to Florida tomorrow (Saturday, June 5). I’ll stop in Tennessee on Saturday and stay with J Webb. After that, I’ll probably head down the rest of the way, supposedly a 12 hour drive, on Sunday. I may take some naps at rest areas to break up the monotony of the drive, but if all goes well I’ll make it to Florida sometime really late on Sunday or maybe Monday morning. Please pray that I’ll have a safe drive and God will begin preparing my heart to learn lots of cool stuff this summer. Also, pray that I’ll be able to catch up with what’s going on fast and be able to find a job quickly once I get there.

Thanks! Gotta finish studying now for my last test in college EVER! Woot!

Back in Cora’s Room

So I’m back in Cora’s room, this time instead of talking we’re both studying for our Music Experience final. Exciting stuff, y’know.

I don’t have internet access in my room right now, so I’m not posting as much right now and probably will slow down pretty significantly for the summer as well. I’d like to keep posting, but I’ll probably be on dialup internet at the house I’ll be living in. Slow stuff. I am living in Lincoln this summer and plan on enjoying it. Now if I only had a job yet…

Speaking of jobs, my interview/technical skills test on Monday went terribly. For more information, view this post over at PerlMonks. Oh well.

Uhm… what else do I need to say? I feel out of touch with this blog since I haven’t been posting as much. Finals week is next week. Almost done with the semester. Moved my couch and carpet into storage today and swept my floor.

Uhm…. yup. Latez.

test results, hair cut, etc.

I got my test grade back for my take-home Early Christianity test. Happilly, I received an 89% on it. Granted, it’s not quite an “A”, but I remain within grasping distance.

I feel freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok, ok, maybe just light-headed. No wait, that’s confusing, too. Perhaps I should just say “I got a haircut.” Yeah. There you go. I got my hairs cut.

In less then joyful news, Cora didn’t get the CA job for this summer. She’s still thinking about what she’ll end up doing.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing this summer. I need to talk to my parents about it. Signup for summer classes starts on March 10, so I need to decide soon. I may stay in Lincoln and hope I find a job. It’s time to start looking. twinge of nervousness I don’t want to be 21 yet, Mom!

Quick apology: Sorry again for missing lunch today, Bart. My bad. I really look forward to eating lunch with ya, so when I forget about it I (not literally) kick myself.

That’s it for now. I worked on a new poem today, but I’m going to hold off posting it for a while. I’ll hook it up later. G’evening.