A Real Life Post

Hopefully you’re all getting a glimpse of how my life is going from all the mobile photos and miscellaneous commenting. Just want to give a brief summary of things though.

Last Monday – final preparation for a “Talk Time” English conversation ministry being started at my church. It actually starts on Monday. I’m looking forward to it.

PostSecret book tour in downtown on Thursday night — awesome. I love the site, I love the books (though I only own 2 of the 4). Before the book tour, I stopped at Starbucks and wrote out some of my secrets on a piece of paper and slipped them into one of the books once I got to the book store.

Slashdot party Saturday night — awesome.

As you can see, I’ve actually been getting some social interaction. I’m really hoping I can start to derive some friendships from getting out into the world. I know it’s helping my days to seem more full and less lonely. Granted, life is never gonna be perfect, but I’m even more excited to be living here now that I’m seeing some hope even on the literally dreary days that come as Seattle transitions to Fall.

Prayer: My Grandma went to the hospital on Wednesday. This worried me probably more than anything all week. She’s doing okay and she’s home now, but she and all of my grandparents are getting towards the tale end of life and I’m afraid to lose them. I’ve been fairly lucky in that I’ve only had a few relatives die since I’ve been old enough to understand and most of my memories of them have been letters and birthday cards mailed from distant lands.

Needless to say, I’m not exactly thrilled at the idea of getting to know Death any better.



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Barely caught the last bus home from the book presentation.

It was awesome. Frank Warren had some good anecdotes, talked about how PostSecret got started, shared some of the secrets, showed some he can’t put in the books for copyright/legal issues, and answered some questions. I managed to get him to sign my copy of his newest book, A Lifetime of Secrets. I cut in line by asking politely if I could because I had 15 minutes to speed-walk to catch a bus I’d never taken before.

Fortunately, I caught the bus. My bag slightly heavier carrying a couple hundred peoples secrets in it, I made it back to the home town, disembarked, and walked the last half mile home.

PostSecret Mini-Movie

Don’t watch this at work. No, it’s not nasty, but it contains a few images of a slightly risque nature. PostSecret is all about sharing secrets and it’s also an art project. Some of the secrets are “adult.” Just a warning, but I wanted to share this anyway because I appreciate what Frank’s trying to do and there have been so many secrets I’ve seen that I could relate to (and many I could not).

PostSecret Mini-Movie

A Secret Stolen

Blog Secret

I stole this graphic from PostSecret (WARNING: Not Safe For Work. This site contains nudity and foul language in some of the “postcard secrets” sent in. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t go there).

I stole this graphic because I’ve felt this way at times. Not presently, but I can relate.