Ron Brown

Former Nebraska Cornhusker assistant coach Ron Brown spoke at Nav Nite tonight. That dude is stellar. He preached the gospel hardcore and he hits the major issues. (No, Luebbe, not free will and and human nature, just the bare guts of salvation and what Jesus did for us.) Anyway, I was excited to see several people apparently react to the message. My only hope now is that they reacted sincerely and faith grows in their lives through God’s presence and relationship with them.

It served as encouragement to me, too. Encouragement not to forget what Jesus did for me on the cross and that he’s still alive because of his resurrection. Another major emphasis was boldness. Ron Brown gets up in yo’ face about that one. “Go public! America is soft… don’t be ashamed of your faith! There is truth, God gave us his truth!”

Anyway, I need to get some homework done before I head to bed tonight, so I best begin to do it. G’night.

Three sooth, forsooth, five sooth

I’m posting this one for the daily fans. waves at Jenny

Some computers aren’t worth fixing. That’s all I have to say. “Uhm… it’s jacked up beyond all recognition and we’ll have to reinstall Windows.” She’s gonna buy some new hardware though and perhaps Windows XP, so it’ll end up in better shape than it is. Yay.

Word is that Unreal Tournament 2004 is cool. DP recommends it and Justin was playing it today, too.

Oh, and I found out today that Luebbe’s birthday is on March 8. So much for his goal of hiding this year. I could still forget, but I can look it up on here if need be. So if you’re reading this and know him, make sure you tell him happy birthday this year.

D. Patras: “I buy cheap purses, too.”

Another Nav Nite Gone

Last night was only the second Nav Nite I’ve been to this semester (out of three). I enjoyed it quite a lot. More than anything, I enjoyed being around my friends. I got to sit next to the venerable Jesse Luebbe and the wonderful Cora (both of whom are featured prominently in the quotes).

At dinner yesterday I discovered that I could interpret Jesse’s expressions to a third party. I was amused and so was he. I guess that’s one of the benefits of living around a person for so many years.

Nav Nite Message Summary: Don’t waste the opportunities you have, because life is short. Live for God and tell others about him.

After Nav Nite, six of us packed into Misty’s car and headed down to The Mill. Didn’t get anything to drink (I figure on being broke until at least 2007), but I played cards with The Varv, Cora, and Brian (an Edge member visiting from UNK). Brian and I ended up winning in a “winner-takes-all” hand playing 10-point Pitch.

After my initial dissapointment with having to take another three credits of arts/humanities to graduate, I’m not too angry about it. In all honesty, it’s a mistake of my own that caused me to still need that class. I’ve still got to hammer out the details, but I’m hoping they’ll still let me go through the ceremony in May, then I’d take a three week History of Rock & Roll class, and then Florida for a Navigator’s Summer Training Program.

I’ll let you know how it works out. (And maybe those CDs I ordered in December will finally get here today!!!)

As a final piece of joy and cheer, I leave you with the newest addition to the quote database: “My purity today has been compromised by a naked orange.” – Jesse Luebbe


I made it home safely. The drive passed with an assortment of CDs ranging from the new Something Corporate (sorry Luebbe, I stopped by your room and you weren’t there so I left with it) to Switchfoot to some mixes.

No snow or bad weather. A tiny bit of wind, but not until I made it into my hometown.

All in all, satisfactory. Got to spend a bit of time with my family tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get to see my grandparents and one of my cousins. Yeehaw! G’night.

My Weekend Thus Far

It’s been a swell weekend. Tracy’s birthday was on Friday (happy birthday to youuuu…). Also, Nav Nite and afterwards went to Jacob V.’s for cards and hanging out. Today (Saturday) I painted windows for an hour before my hands got too numb to continue. 4L was around for a while this afternoon. Video games attracted a lot of attention during the day and night including Half-Life, Diablo 2, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Tyler, Phil, Jake, and Luebbe all involved at various points of the day.

Around dinnerish time, headed down to Chipotle and watched Matrix: Revolutions with some other Navigator’s and some of the freshman guys. The fajita was tasty and kept me full for a few hours. The movie … I liked it, but… nothing beats the first. Smith is the most dynamic and interesting character. The plot resolves itself to an extent at the end, but… nothing beats the first. _shrug_ Oh well. It’s hard to keep the momentum going for three movies.