An Anecdote About Scones

In the morning before work, I head to the base of one of the towers in Seattle, head to my corner, grab one of the four comfy orange chairs, and sit down. Most mornings I try to get some Bible reading in, although I will admit sometimes I just sit there and doze or stare into space.

When you go the same place every weekday morning, you tend to start recognizing other people who come around a lot. In particular, there’s one homeless man I end up seeing most mornings who comes in and sits in the chair next to me. He’s usually wearing several layers of clothing (because the weather has still been cold here) and laden with a bag or two with his possessions in them.

Yesterday morning I saw him walking towards his chair and holding a box labeled “Mostly Muffins.” I assumed it contained muffins. On closer notice, I realized it contained scones. Cinnamon scones.

I looked at his scruffy face as he asked the question, “Do you want these scones?”

“Oh, no, that’s okay, I already had some breakfast.”

“No, go ahead, you can have them,” he encouraged.

“Okay, sure, I’ll try one of them,” I acquiesced.

“Here, have a granola bar, too. You can save it for later.”

I took the granola bar and put it in my messenger bag for later. I picked up the box of scones, tore a hole in the plastic covering, removed a scone, and proceeded to eat it. Twenty minutes later, I took the other scones with me as I left for work.

Not being able to eat six scones by myself, I shared them with my coworkers. They praised the scones and stated how delicious they were. I felt glad to share the scones with them. I never told them they came from a homeless man.

Events like this offer a strange view of the world. Typically, homeless people are considered the dregs of the society with nothing to offer. This man, who had received an excess of food, freely shared it with me.

I’m thankful.

No home on earth | Tale Wherein I Meet a Spartan

No home on earth

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Random guy sleeping in chair on first floor of tower. Probably homeless.

He woke up, repositioned his brown felt blanket, looked my direction, and said “Those are nice shoes.” He was referring to my three year old grey Reeboks with orange highlights — the cheapest pair on sale at Kohl’s at the time.

“Thanks,” I replied.

He pointed to his white shoes and stated, “These are spartan shoes. For a while I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live or die, but I decided to live and became a Spartan so I got these shoes.”


A few moments passed as I glance towards my book deciding if I should continue reading or keep talking.

He continued talking. “I don’t know if I like this jacket, I don’t think I want it anymore.” As he said this he threw a blue windbreaker onto the unoccupied orange leatherish chairs. Four chairs sit in the corner of the first floor in a mini art gallery on the first floor of the Municipal Tower.

I suggested, “Well it’s important to stay warm though you might need it.”

“Yeah. This weather really has been bothering me lately.” He lowered the hood from his red hoodie. His dark brown hair and youthful face indicated his age to be mid-twenties.

The Spartan began to talk more about his lifestyle. “There’s two elements of life. There’s the solid and there’s the risk.” He points to me and says, “There’s non risk…,” and then points to himself before continuing, “…and there’s risk. Do you have the time?”

I dug my cell phone out of my pocket, “7:49 AM. Which means I’ve got to go to work actually. It pays the bills — it gives me somewhere warm to sleep.”

“Another part of being a spartan is breakfast. I’m going to go find breakfast. See you around.”

“Alright, see ya later.”

Rediscoveries – The Worst of The Archives

From the OLD, OLD, OOOOOLD archives, here are some of my favorites. Please share your favorite memories in honor of my sometime-around-now 5th anniversary of blogging. (Note: The posts chosen below represent recovered posts from October 2002 through the end of 2004.)

  • yay. – my oldest recovered post (although I actually started in/around September 2002)
  • Hobo Art – one of the few lingering hobo related memories from my site (I can’t find the rest of the oldest posts)
  • Holy Expletive, look at that squirrel!
  • Tired Road – a poem about the time I pulled a 540 degree turn on the interstate at 70mph while trying to take Alien Ant Farm out of the CD player in my blue ’92 Ford Escort hatchback
  • Grits – Ooh Aah lyrics – this song will always be awesome
  • Modiglian – my favorite memories of this poem are of sitting in Jenny’s dorm room in Kaufmann and trying to read through it without running out of breath. At various points I remember Jake, Jenny, Rachel, and 4L all giving it a shot. Rachel got through the whole thing in one go.
  • KJ-52 Followup – the only KJ-52 post I still have
  • Valentine’s Special: Date the Jake – ladies, he’s still single! Waste no time, date the Jake NOW!
  • Still Waiting – leaning towards emo?
  • Jax STP 2004 – oh, the memories

As a brief update on the situation with the archives, I’m still missing a lot of old posts and there’s about six months from January 2005 through June 2005 that I probably won’t be able to recover due to an error in my backup of those months. But please enjoy the ones that have come back! Also, I’ve done my best to edit the archives to remove any full names (other than maybe Double-J and Luebbe and a couple references to Jake). If you want your name further hidden or expunged from any specific post, let me know.

The Worst Is Over Now…

The worst is over. I have survived. The hours between 12:30AM and 3:30AM along with the hours between 8AM and 12:30PM were filled with me finishing my six page Early Christianity final. Brutal. But, it’s done. Handed in hours ago and then a quick jot through the 10 in class questions which were relatively easy and I’m surprised I knew given the vague amount of attention I gave most of what the teacher said.

So on Saturday I need to be gone from the dorms. I’m not moving into Mike H.’s house until the 17th, so for the next week I’m dormless and homeless. I talked to Tom today and he said I might be able to snag a couch at their place for a week. Kevin’ll be gone in Colorado, anyway. It’s weird that he’s almost gone forever. His wedding is on the 24th (I’m an usher), and then he’s taking off to be the executive assistant of the head of the Navs college ministry in Colorado Springs.

This summer is going to be cool. Matt and I are living in the same place. Tyler A., Tracy, Ray, and a bunch of other people are going to be in Lincoln. Phil, Jenny, and Rachael will be in Omaha. Cora will be out in A-Town. It’s not like the school year where everybody will be within 10 minutes, but it’s still going to be fun and I’m looking forward to being at least within range of the majority of my school friends. And for those who are further away, I can always just use the telephone.

And now it is time for me to log off this beautiful Apple. Oh, how I wish they didn’t cost so much money. It’s all a question of marketing and such. *sigh*

I’ll probably have my ethernet card back in my computer later today so I’ll be functional again. Then back to dialup starting next week. * cries *

Smoke & Beer

I smell like smoke and beer. iz not my falt. well, it iz. Inside of the dance haul smells like it. I got in with coupon. I came out two hours later tired. I dance and make ladies go spin spin on the floor.