July 4th

Technically, it’s July 5th, but being that it’s six a.m. and I haven’t slept yet, let’s pretend it’s still yesterday, okay?

So anyway, earlier today, which is still July 4th (see above), I had a sweet day. Last night, Matt and I headed to his parents house and crashed there. Today I got a good dosage of decent food (Joe = breakfast, Kim = lunch, Whiskey Grill = dinner). Fireworks were fun. Seriously, Joe is like a kid with those things. He’s Matt’s dad, and he seems like he’s having the most fun of anyone. You should hear him scream when the wick is short on the firecracker. Their dog didn’t like ’em at all.

Dinner at Whiskey Creek Grill was tight. 10oz burger, baby! Peanuts scattered across the floor created an interesting aura, the country music playing in the background, and the western-movie posters definitely tipped the scales.

Hearing Matt’s dad and grandpa tell stories topped off the evening. Tormenting children by freaking them out at unawares, driving through bad parts of town (a.k.a. ghettos), and other such things. Good stuff. After that, we came back home and I scuttled off to work.


It’s okay though. I can’t cash it yet anyway. The bank will be closed before I ever wake up tomorrow. Call me Mara, for I’m still broke.

Tomorrow is Cora’s day-before-birthday part, and I’m looking forward to that. Whee!!!

Another Day, Another Holler

What’s up? A lot’s happened this week. I got to hang out with my conversation partner a few days ago for a few hours. Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes for dinner. That was pretty awesome. Chinese New Years is in about a week and that will be fun to go to also.

Classes are easy. Need more be said?

I’m considering moving to East Campus next semester. My friend Jenny was offered an assistant residence director position and she asked a few of her friends, including me, if we’d consider moving over there. The intent would be to get to know some of them better and also to be a Christian witness in the dorms. Only about 200 people live on East Campus.