I made it home safely. The drive passed with an assortment of CDs ranging from the new Something Corporate (sorry Luebbe, I stopped by your room and you weren’t there so I left with it) to Switchfoot to some mixes.

No snow or bad weather. A tiny bit of wind, but not until I made it into my hometown.

All in all, satisfactory. Got to spend a bit of time with my family tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get to see my grandparents and one of my cousins. Yeehaw! G’night.

Home, Home on the Suburb

Hello, friends, family, and three other people! (I’m approximating, I have entirely no idea how many people will read this.)

The good news is, I’m at home! Yay! Many of my friends are at Main Event for the weekend. It’s a Navigators conference. They get to here John Piper speak, but I get to hear my family speak! Mark C. is coming down from U of Wyoming today, too.

My brother Isaac got a girlfriend yesterday. I was surprised. Her name is Stacy. It’s his second girlfriend ever. He says he’s more happy than when he quit the International Bacclaureate program earlier this year. (This means really happy.) I hope it goes well for you, Isaac. If it ever gets tough, remember to take it to God.

My dad’s out hunting today and tomorrow. Hopefully the group he’s going with will get lucky this year and get some meat. It won’t do me much good since I won’t be here to consume any of it, but that’d be good for my family.

I watched Matrix Reloaded on DVD last night. It makes more sense the second time. I tend to notice plot development and saw more connections between events than previously. Some of the philosophical discussion is still difficult to grasp, but I think caught some aspects of the “cause/affect” chain trickling through.

Job Hunting

I’m out job hunting and enjoying less then every minute of it. * sigh * So many stores, so little available positions, and me so clumsy with my pen when filling out applications. “Drat! I filled in the wrong thing again! * scribble scribble *” * sigh * There’s maybe one or two opportunities that could work out, so I’ll fill out those applications and get back to them tomorrow.

What I’d really like is for a non-retail job to vaporize out of thin air in front of my nose. That would be nice.

I’m without internet access at my place of residence for the rest of this week. My response to emails (nobody ever really emails me, except maybe Mom or Mark) will be limited and slow.

I’m getting my hair cut today. Yay! (Thanks again, Tracy!) It could just be the highlight of my day.

And now I flee for my parking meter is nearly expired.

Flexes His Muscles

Woowheee. * rubs his muscle * I went to the Rec. Center with Cora last night and did a bit of running and some weight machines. It’s the first time I’ve worked out in a couple months. Yay. Got in some good talking with Cora during and afterwards, so that was pretty cool.

Finally have some idea what’s going on with my other hosting, as I mentioned in another updated post today.

Apparently my mom hasn’t been to my site since the new poll got up, ’cause nobody has voted for ______ being a good name for a “son.” Then again, maybe she voted for “moma’s boy.” ;)

Goals for today:
• finishing dorm Treasurer duties
• call the Gage’s
• play Diablo 2
• hang out with mis tomodachis_ (yes, that’s español and Japanese quite butchered)

In Between Calls

I just got off the phone with Tracy and am waiting for Jenny to call back, so here’s a quick news update.

My family is gone after a fun weekend hanging out with me up here in Lincoln. We did a lot together this weekend. Got to show my entire family (sans mi hermano Jesse [I dare you to combine languages more affectively!]) around town and particularly the historic Haymarket district which contains several little movie theaters, shops, restaurants, coffee joints, etc. I enjoyed spending time with my brother Isaac. I was amazed with how well he jived with the college lifestyle to the extent which he was allowed to experience it. He got to see Nav Nite, hang out at a couple coffee shops, eat dorm food, take a tour of a sorrority (Kappa Delta – high quality people), play video games, etc. It was fun. He even wrote me a haiku when he left.

Breaking news: Dana and Sonya are also going with our group to formal now.

In other news: I have an evil plan to save the world for every man, and I think it’s better than the way it’s being run. Oh, the ground work’s laid, no don’t be afraid, I’m sure that I can fix it, when I figure out the physics. (errr… explain)

Fluffy story of the day: I saw a bird alighting on the slope of a hill. It mocked me. I then laughed in derision as snow fell upon it.

Tomorrow: Tune in for a one-time special entitled “Jell-O Molds Gone Bad.”