Don’t Neglect the Social

Today, I’ve found potential job opportunities through Twitter and made important networking connections through Facebook. Don’t neglect the social web in your job hunt. Networking has stronger roots when the connection begins in person, but the internet can be a great asset in expanding your reach.

Having four-hundred friends or followers on your social network of choice won’t help you. Knowing the friends you have, who they know, and what they can provide will help you.

Tweaking Out

I’ve tweaked the site a bit today. The header menu has been updated w/ the inclusion of a new Photo Gallery which grabs all of my photo sets from Flickr and makes them all nice and friendly to view. Also, I’ve updated The Quotes to be more built-in and use the updated look&feel of the site.

You’ll also see a new section called Pownce in the sidebar. It’s a website with functionality similar to the status capability on Facebook (e.g. “C. is angry with the Lords of the Power Station.”) and also similar to Twitter. It’s got some other abilities such as sharing links and files. Anyway, there’s already a Pownce Facebook plugin and a Pownce WordPress plugin so I’m playing around with it a bit. My profile is here and I’ve got one invite left for the site if anybody wants it.

Update: Well, you may notice that the archives go back quite a bit further now. All the way back until October 2002 when I first started blogging. Yup, I’ve been working all day on importing the old blogs and posts into here. I’ve been fixing some of it to work w/ the right formatting, correcting various internal links, and more. It’s still a bit in process as I move some of the posts to the correct categories and finish up the formatting.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m still missing a period of time from late 2004 thru mid 2005 which I haven’t been able to import yet. But this is a lot more complete than it was!

The Crowing

Apparently, Facebook’s user base has grown 270% in the last year (Source: Mashable). No wonder so many people are on there now! Even some Gen-X types. It’s craziness, I tell you. But I like it. I’ve got maybe two or three people I consistently email and just about everyone else is on Facebook or Myspace.

I know this is an off-the-wall (ha) sort of thought, but how is anybody ever going to document what’s happening between people in our society when all of this electronic information disappears (deleted intentionally, deleted accidentally, deleted when networks fail, etc.)? Then again, it’s not like we have recorded conversations of people previously unless the letters survived.

Some day I will kill a tree to record my blog. Ah yes, you too can have my self-reflection, assorted rantings, and occasional disregard of copyright law on thin slices of tree bound with threads.

Worst book ever? Yes.

Facebook Launches Open Registration

For those of you that wanted Facebook access for whatever reason and had already graduated from college, now you can sign up. More details at TechCrunch.

If, for some reason, you’ve never heard of Facebook… basically, it’s a social networking website a la Myspace that, until now, was primarily limited to college students, high school students, and various corporations and organizations. If you couldn’t sign up before, now you can sign up and add yourself to a group for a specific geographical region. Of course, you can add all your old college buddies as friends as long as they haven’t enabled optional restrictive privacy settings.

So go search me up and add me. I’m waiting for you.

(Yes, Jenny, this means you, too.)