Hey, you got any… ?

As is probably obvious, my new job has already begun to affect my life. Firstly, it takes time. Secondly, I’ll have money (once payday gets here…). Thirdly, I meet some really different people that I wouldn’t run into in my usual everyday life. I don’t even need to explain the sorts of strange stories I hear at work. But I will tell one story.

I’d just finished working, ate my dinner, and took off for home. Driving down the highway on the five-minute stretch to home, I had my hat on backwards, my collar turned up, was listening to some music on my stereo, and driving along. This dude pulls up next to me and says “Hey, you from Colorado?”

“What part?”
“uh… Glorburmont.”
“Hey, you got any…” and then he proceeded to hold his hands to his lips and pretend to smoke a joint. (In any case, that’s the impression I got.)

And then he drove off. So… the moral of the story is if you act like me, you’re bound to get hit up for drugs. </witty comment & the story>

Other then that, Cora came over yesterday so I got to hang out with her for a couple hours before work, then afterwards Tyler, Jesse, Cora, and Matt were all around. We played Uno for a while, took Tyler home, and then cruised up to Wahoo and back, stopped at Amigos, came home, and slept.

Oh, you’ve heard me talk about Lucerin Blue before, and their lyrics are pretty tight.

“Christian Rock Lyrics”:http://www.christianrocklyrics.com/ – one of a few reasons I won’t finish developing my lyrics database