I actually got rid of some music today. I sorted through my albums, found 19 albums I no longer want, and packaged them up to take to the store. I also grabbed five miscellaneous anime discs (partial series), one DVD (“Last Kiss” — not recommended at all!), three TV series (ER season 01, Seinfeld season 04 & 05), two computer games, three blah Playstation games, about five paperback books, and one hardback book.

Goodbye, worthless, space-wasting testaments to materialism!

In exchange, I got Donnie Darko (IMDB plot outline: “A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident.”), Hero, and twenth-eight dollars.

Quality > Quantity.

And bunnies are awesome.

Coming Soon to a College Town Near You

One week, baby! Yes, coming soon… vacation time! (Oh, you thought I meant P&J’s wedding?)

I’m so stoked! I even got a haircut for the occasion. As much as I like the emo mophead look, I don’t want to subject the photographer to that.

Speaking of emo, have you seen the new Spiderman? Saw it tonight, and it’s worth the time and money.

I’m psyched ’cause I got all sorts of stuff done today. I leveled up on WoW, hung my recently-framed MegaTokyo poster on the wall in my room, decked out my room with other posters, ate a gigantic Chipotle burrito (stupidly I sold the stock though so no profit in it for me!), listened to Matchbook Romance, played basketball, and licked my desk.

If you’re still reading and wondering why I licked the desk, it was to add flavor to the post. As if it needed any. Now the question is: do you believe me? Also: Why is The Author in such a good mood tonight? It has nothing to do with the dating scene. Mostly, I’m just glad I had a non-awful day yesterday (only had to take about seven phone calls) followed by a fun and productive one.