Oh, hazy!

So the little red light on top of the capitol building is blinking. It’s dark and hazy outside. And I’m also posting after midnight again. (Bad habit, if you ask me.) To(yester)day, I got some CPRA stuff done, bible study, a bit of studying, and a hair cut. Tracy came by after lunch and did some cutting, trimming, evening, blending, and other movement related to scissors. At the end, my hair is much shorter again and looking pretty spiffy. (Thanks, Tracy!)

After CPRA tonight, went to Crescent Moon (yes, the place where my story about Girl at the Moon is based). Misty and Crystal were there so I talked with them a while before doing a bit of studying. Amy was working like usual and Jake also came tonight. It was good talking to Misty and Crystal. It’s been good getting to know each of them better seeing them on most Mondays.

Now I’ve got a paper to finish related to a movie I watched in my International Relations class. *sigh* Back to work! *vanishes*

Swing City

Tonight was country swing dancing night. It was fun. I danced with many girls. I’m getting better at doing a move called “Table Top” and also just getting a bit faster. Some girls are pretty fun to dance with since they’ve been there every time I have and we know each other’s styles decently well (Tracy and Rachel, por ejemplo). When that happens, it’s fun to go really fast. Sometimes though, fingers slip away or you accidentally run into somebody else (whoops!). On the way back home, we dropped Frank off at his fraternity. Jake let Tracy and I out to go see Phil in his dorm. Turned out Phil was sleeping, so we just walked back to Pound while talking on the way. Tomorrow, Tracy is going to cut my hair. Cost Cutters = $15. Tracy’s Hair Salon = $0. I’m saving (fifteen minus zero….. oh!) fifteen dollars.

One test this week, some other homework and quizzes. I’ve got a lot to read to be ready for the test. This is the second test in World History and I need to do better on this then the last one to try to boost my grade from a C up to at least a B. This week and next will be crucial in determining the outcome of my grades for the semester. Time to git in gear.

(If I ever finish this roll of film and get it developed, I’ll have some pictures of The Missouri Road Trip and… whatever else I’ve taken pictures of so far this semester.)


*rejoices about sleeping in*

Lifehouse has a new CD coming out called “Stanley Climbfall.” I’ve heard the track “Spin” and it’s good.

I’ve also been listening to:
Project 86 – Hollow Again
“how will we open the eyes of the dead
when we are hollow, hollow………….

and all along here i was told we’d fall and then crash away, that we would find a hope inside the saftey of this empty place”

“forever we will be hollow, hollow again”

Somedays I feel hollow, but then I remember I don’t have to find hope within the emptiness. Hope in Jesus is the best that’s available.

I look just like Buddy Holly…

Today I’m just going to try to catch up on some things. My room needs picked up, I need to get the mail, perhaps call my parents, and some other really boring stuff.

There’s lots of foreign people around this year. So far, I know at least one Nigerian, British, Japanese, and Korean person. This kind of diversity is cool.


Short rant:
Never leave your backpack behind your chair. I did, and I left it there. Fortunately it was rescued by a kind woman who gave it to a kind man. The kind man called me, told me he had it, and we both hang up. Then, through some odd fluke of three-way-calling I ended up talking to the kind woman when she was trying to call the kind man. Is it coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of homework to do. It’s 10PM and I’ve still got two tests to study for and a paper to write. Had a good chance to talk to a friend Cramer, though, so it was worth losing an hour.

Lacking Charge

Short rant:
Never buy a low-end PalmPilot if you can afford one that has a rechargeable battery. They eat through those AAAs like crazy if you use it a lot. And if you ever have the thing crash because of low batteries or whatever, it SUCKS to lose stuff on there. Having to reenter important meetings that didn’t get backed up yet or even seemingly easy checkbook info or something is a pain. So yeah. The moral of this rant is: Rechargeable and backup often.

Boring stuff:
Finished reading “The Visitation” last night. That’s about all I did after dinner. Then I slept 9 hours. Today I’ve got a bit of homework to do (“Lord of the Flies” essay and study for East Asian Civilization exam).