Another Day, Another Holler

What’s up? A lot’s happened this week. I got to hang out with my conversation partner a few days ago for a few hours. Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes for dinner. That was pretty awesome. Chinese New Years is in about a week and that will be fun to go to also.

Classes are easy. Need more be said?

I’m considering moving to East Campus next semester. My friend Jenny was offered an assistant residence director position and she asked a few of her friends, including me, if we’d consider moving over there. The intent would be to get to know some of them better and also to be a Christian witness in the dorms. Only about 200 people live on East Campus.

The Nearly-Weekly *Sniff*

Just got back from country-swing dancing. It was fun. Today was an off-week for the normal crew of people that go, so Tracy and I ended up dancing a lot and I also danced with Crystal and a couple of her sorrority friends. Anyway, it was fun and a much-needed outlet for some of the frustration of the day. Tracy makes me laugh.

I went to Holmes Lake this morning and spent a couple hours reading the Bible and thinking about life. I was kinda stressed, so it was beneficial to get away. The ducks quacked, the ice floated, and I read.

Burger King’s “Grilled Sourdough Burger” tastes good. (I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.)

Windows XP runs kinda slow sometimes. It seems like it just freezes up on one task it’s doing and doesn’t pay any attention to the next thing I’m already starting on. oh well!

Cummulative studying time for finals so far: 15 minutes. (I’m working on it.)


The Last Few Days

The last few days have been pretty cool. Better than the first few this week, anyway. I’ve been able to have some good quiet times reading the Bible and praying. I’ve also had some good conversations with some of my friends and been encouraged by that.

The next few days aren’t going to be especially busy. I’ve got a lot of work to do for a paper I have due after break. I’m rather afraid of this paper because I haven’t done much reading of the materials that it deals with. In essence… it’s going to be hard. With Thanksgiving coming so quickly, I’m afraid I’ll put it off to long and suffer the consequences.

Thursday night was fun. Listened to Cora play the piano, took some quizzes (What type of shoes fit your personality?), and chatted. Also got to hang out for a while with Phil, Tracy, and Kristen P.

Last night was fun, too. Nav Nite then Crescent Moon. After that (about midnight), Cora, Justin, Keith, Misty, and I came back to Pound and watched She’s All That. Fact: this was the first movie I ever owned. We had to rent it last night, though, cause I gave this movie to my mother after freshman year of college due to the ridicule of some friends from that year. Anyway, it’s a half-decent movie and I’ve got too many lines memorized. Next time we watch a movie though, we need a good guy-flick. We Were Soldiers or something similarly cool.

I’m going to try to hang out with Cramer today. Other then that, I read a chapter of Wild at Heart and now I’m planning on doing a tad bit of homework. Latez!

Not Quite in Laramie

Last night (technically, anyway…) I went to see The Laramie Project with Cora, Jesse, and Justin B. It’s a play about the events and people in Laramie, Wyoming surrounding the murder of Matthew Shephard, a homosexual man. I don’t agree with all of the opinions voiced and agreed with by members of the cast, but I did find it to be thought provoking. While I believe homosexuality is a sin, I do not believe it is right for anyone, and especially Christians, to hate or generally ignore homosexuals. Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This does not excuse their actions. A person’s sin is not an excuse for anyone to sin against them in any way: thoughts, deeds, or actions.

On a lighter note, after that we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Funny movie. I haven’t seen it in over three years, so it was fun to watch again. And now, I need to get hopping into bed.

One final note: Tracy’s birthday was yesterday. Whee! I hope it was cool for ya.

And now.

Chillin’ Homies

Last night was pretty fun. I managed to read a couple chapters in preparation for a test I’ve got on Tuesday. Circa 9PM, a bunch of my friends got together and we played some games and just talked till after midnight. I had a good quote… maybe I’ll post it here if I get it from Jenny or somebody.

Today’s pretty busy, so I need to go start studying and pounding my brain into the “study” mold. *push push push … splort* Whoops.