Hey, you got any… ?

As is probably obvious, my new job has already begun to affect my life. Firstly, it takes time. Secondly, I’ll have money (once payday gets here…). Thirdly, I meet some really different people that I wouldn’t run into in my usual everyday life. I don’t even need to explain the sorts of strange stories I hear at work. But I will tell one story.

I’d just finished working, ate my dinner, and took off for home. Driving down the highway on the five-minute stretch to home, I had my hat on backwards, my collar turned up, was listening to some music on my stereo, and driving along. This dude pulls up next to me and says “Hey, you from Colorado?”

“What part?”
“uh… Glorburmont.”
“Hey, you got any…” and then he proceeded to hold his hands to his lips and pretend to smoke a joint. (In any case, that’s the impression I got.)

And then he drove off. So… the moral of the story is if you act like me, you’re bound to get hit up for drugs. </witty comment & the story>

Other then that, Cora came over yesterday so I got to hang out with her for a couple hours before work, then afterwards Tyler, Jesse, Cora, and Matt were all around. We played Uno for a while, took Tyler home, and then cruised up to Wahoo and back, stopped at Amigos, came home, and slept.

Oh, you’ve heard me talk about Lucerin Blue before, and their lyrics are pretty tight.

“Christian Rock Lyrics”:http://www.christianrocklyrics.com/ – one of a few reasons I won’t finish developing my lyrics database

Lack of Sleep, but That’s O.K.

I am so done with this semester. See me rejoice. *Woohoo!*

I’m tired ’cause I couldn’t fall asleep last night (maybe some of that Mountain Dew Livewire had something to do with it) and my final was at 7:30 this morning. * yawn *

I’m going to hang out and talk with Jenny after lunch. And tonight, to 4L’s casa!

At some point I’m going to relax and enjoy the first day of summer. And then I’ll start wanting money and go find a job.

Or donate plasma.

The Worst Is Over Now…

The worst is over. I have survived. The hours between 12:30AM and 3:30AM along with the hours between 8AM and 12:30PM were filled with me finishing my six page Early Christianity final. Brutal. But, it’s done. Handed in hours ago and then a quick jot through the 10 in class questions which were relatively easy and I’m surprised I knew given the vague amount of attention I gave most of what the teacher said.

So on Saturday I need to be gone from the dorms. I’m not moving into Mike H.’s house until the 17th, so for the next week I’m dormless and homeless. I talked to Tom today and he said I might be able to snag a couch at their place for a week. Kevin’ll be gone in Colorado, anyway. It’s weird that he’s almost gone forever. His wedding is on the 24th (I’m an usher), and then he’s taking off to be the executive assistant of the head of the Navs college ministry in Colorado Springs.

This summer is going to be cool. Matt and I are living in the same place. Tyler A., Tracy, Ray, and a bunch of other people are going to be in Lincoln. Phil, Jenny, and Rachael will be in Omaha. Cora will be out in A-Town. It’s not like the school year where everybody will be within 10 minutes, but it’s still going to be fun and I’m looking forward to being at least within range of the majority of my school friends. And for those who are further away, I can always just use the telephone.

And now it is time for me to log off this beautiful Apple. Oh, how I wish they didn’t cost so much money. It’s all a question of marketing and such. *sigh*

I’ll probably have my ethernet card back in my computer later today so I’ll be functional again. Then back to dialup starting next week. * cries *

Back in Cora’s Room

So I’m back in Cora’s room, this time instead of talking we’re both studying for our Music Experience final. Exciting stuff, y’know.

I don’t have internet access in my room right now, so I’m not posting as much right now and probably will slow down pretty significantly for the summer as well. I’d like to keep posting, but I’ll probably be on dialup internet at the house I’ll be living in. Slow stuff. I am living in Lincoln this summer and plan on enjoying it. Now if I only had a job yet…

Speaking of jobs, my interview/technical skills test on Monday went terribly. For more information, view this post over at PerlMonks. Oh well.

Uhm… what else do I need to say? I feel out of touch with this blog since I haven’t been posting as much. Finals week is next week. Almost done with the semester. Moved my couch and carpet into storage today and swept my floor.

Uhm…. yup. Latez.

In Between Calls

I just got off the phone with Tracy and am waiting for Jenny to call back, so here’s a quick news update.

My family is gone after a fun weekend hanging out with me up here in Lincoln. We did a lot together this weekend. Got to show my entire family (sans mi hermano Jesse [I dare you to combine languages more affectively!]) around town and particularly the historic Haymarket district which contains several little movie theaters, shops, restaurants, coffee joints, etc. I enjoyed spending time with my brother Isaac. I was amazed with how well he jived with the college lifestyle to the extent which he was allowed to experience it. He got to see Nav Nite, hang out at a couple coffee shops, eat dorm food, take a tour of a sorrority (Kappa Delta – high quality people), play video games, etc. It was fun. He even wrote me a haiku when he left.

Breaking news: Dana and Sonya are also going with our group to formal now.

In other news: I have an evil plan to save the world for every man, and I think it’s better than the way it’s being run. Oh, the ground work’s laid, no don’t be afraid, I’m sure that I can fix it, when I figure out the physics. (errr… explain)

Fluffy story of the day: I saw a bird alighting on the slope of a hill. It mocked me. I then laughed in derision as snow fell upon it.

Tomorrow: Tune in for a one-time special entitled “Jell-O Molds Gone Bad.”