Not-Unexpected Early Semester Complications

Updated 3:44PM (Updates look like this)

The situation with classes: This is the afore prophesied “semester of doom”. 18 credits, remember? The only problem is I can’t take one of the classes ’cause I don’t meet the prerequisites. This presents a problem ’cause I want to graduate, but I can’t find another senior-level class that fills an IS (integrative studies?) requirement and counts towards my major. I found a class that works, fortunately. I’ll have to do a substitution form, but it’ll work out.

This situation with textbooks: Japanese is no problem – same textbook as last semester. The class I can’t take isn’t a problem ’cause I can’t take it and therefore won’t need the books.

I’ve had two of my four classes today (tues/thurs classes) and bought the books. About $250. For these two classes the reading will average 8 or 9 10 to 12 chapters a week for at least three weeks. I’ve never done all the reading for classes in the past, but these are senior-level classes. Can I just “get by” like other semesters? I’d like to do the work and learn. Anyway, I have two more classes today and probably another five or six books to buy.

I can’t complain though, Jake’s got it worse than I do. Props to the Jake for attempting such a harrowing semester. In the vast wisdom of, I suggest we both Get to Work.

The situation with your mom: There is none.

The situation with the music: Check out Clumsy Lovers for some folkish type goodness. Sphere of Hip Hop (and their mp3 site) is a great place to pick up Christian hip-hop/rap music. I’d suggest trying out some L.A. Symphony, Listener, KJ-52, John Reuben, and Mars Ill.


I made it home safely. The drive passed with an assortment of CDs ranging from the new Something Corporate (sorry Luebbe, I stopped by your room and you weren’t there so I left with it) to Switchfoot to some mixes.

No snow or bad weather. A tiny bit of wind, but not until I made it into my hometown.

All in all, satisfactory. Got to spend a bit of time with my family tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get to see my grandparents and one of my cousins. Yeehaw! G’night.

Class Registration and Other Happennings

I registered for classes this morning. I logged onto eNroll and discover a hold on my account. In the midst of frustration, I dressed and quickly walked to the administration building, removed the hold by letting them know I was caught up on payments, and then left. I signed up for classes in the Union and got all that I decided upon. Everyone tells me 18 credits is a nasty semester. After seeing my schedule, I agree with them.

The whole process was done in 20 minutes.

On Saturday I went to the NU vs. Iowa St. game courtesy of Miss Tracy with a K. The game entertained me well for the first half. The second half was more boring, but we won 28 – 0 and that’s always good. I’m begginning to feel like a Husker fan.

Then I painted windows for a couple hours.

Sunday I woke up at 10:06 AM, rushed to get ready, and got downstairs by 10:25. Nobody was waiting in the lobby as I’d expected, so I decided they left already. I got in my car, drove to church. Everybody was in the sanctuary and Stu was talking, so I assumed Sunday school was in progress. I sat down. A few minutes later, I realized it was the end of the early service and that Daylight-Saving time ended.

East Campus, Jenny is among you

“You just need a little bit of blood dripping from the fang and you’ll be good. That’s enough decorating advice from Matt for the night.” – Matt 4L

I’m over at Jenny’s room chillin’ with Jenny, Luebbe, 4L, and Tyler. She’s decorating. Everybody’s talking.

I just got on to experience ethernet again. Sweet, sweet, ethernet. _drool_

“I want a quote on your website. But not that one.” – Jenny

Woohah. I’m out.

Pizza, Sleep, Chase

Online pizza delivery is ultimately lacking. I tried last night and none of Lincoln’s Pappa Johns or Pizza Huts support it yet, although the companies official web sites provide the service. What’s the deal, yo? So instead of being incredibly lazy, I had to log off, call them, and wait around for the food. I think I’m codependent on the internet (Luebbe…. Luebbe….) so it was a good excercise in non-dependence.

I’m proud to say I’ve recovered from yesterday’s sleep deprivation. It probably helped to sleep on my bed instead of one of the couches.

Chase is in town again. Whee. A bunch of people went to The Mill for coffee after Bible study last night. It was fun, but I felt like it ended too quickly. Seriously, who’s ready to go home and sleep at 11pm? </sarcasm>

If you want any McDonalds at 3am tonight you know where to find me. Latez!