Do Not Leave the Piano in the Sand

I continue to spend copious quantities of time playing chess. Wikipedia has a chess portal with more information about the game then you could possibly retain.

Unfortunately, most of the games I’ve been playing end with my king dead. Needless to say, the valiance of my men and women in battle means nothing when the king makes tactical errors.

I got out of the house today. Today marks my furthest excursion from home since New Year’s Day. I met the assistant pastor for coffee (frappuccino!). We tend to talk about movies, and the high points of today’s conversation revolved around 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dr. Strangelove.

I played chess and had dinner with El Martin and his roommate tonight. Thai food rocks (peanuts, mmm). We’ve talked a bit about splitting an apartment at some point in the near future. The place I’m living is alright, but I’m looking for something at least slightly less bacheloresque. I just hope I can afford it. I need a pay raise.

As far as work goes, it’s been fine. I’m getting used to the job, but still have much to learn. I can learn a lot about interacting with people by doing this job; however, I have no intention of staying long term. At least not in the position I’m in. It’s one of those jobs where you’re paid decently, but expected to suffer in other ways.

14 Days

It’s another one of those nights. I almost wish I had a beer in my hand.

I don’t.

Instead I’m listening to Joseph Arthur’s album “Nuclear Daydream.”

I just finished watching “Saved.” It’s an odd sort of feeling, but I do like the movie in general. It does a good job demonstrating some problems with pop-evangelical-Christianity. But the movie has no solution or realistic conclusion. I think one of the things that weirds me out the most is the main character reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. At least in looks if not in other ways.

I’ve been playing a lot of chess online lately. For some reason, turn-based games have had a grip on me lately. It may have something to do with the game of Risk I played on New Year’s Eve and the fun I had. So now I’m playing chess consistently (if you want to play, let me know), and today I was introduced to the wonders of Civ 4. Now there’s a game with great strategy and designed to look and play well.

Sometimes I wish my life took place in a series of turns. It’d be so much easier to determine where I want to go and what I want to do if I had a week to think between making life-changing decisions. In the real world, though, some decisions take minutes. Some decisions never get made.

Each decision plays a role in the greater whole.

Even though I had a lot of fun hanging out today, playing Civ 4, and passing the time, I still wind up in the same place at the end off the night. I’m in my room hanging out with machines and inanimate objects. I’m in a room where the only being capable of love is myself, and I’m no artisan of love.

These are the moments I am weakest.

Artist: Joseph Arthur
Song: You Are Free
Album: Nuclear Daydream


Time is moving on
You and me
You and me
Suffering is gone
You are free
You are free

I know I let you down
Those days are over now

I’m no longer who I was
No longer who I thought I was