Your Obsession Gets You Known (417)


Going to the post office, getting my stitches out today, 26, work, dinner (Italian) in Bellevue, and maybe sleeping sometime.

I’m learning to type abbreviated messages due to insane amounts of Twitter usage. You can see by this graph my usage has exploded this month.

Gotta go get ready for the day now.

100/4 =

It’s been a decent week. At the tail-end I’m finding myself tired, but I’ve had enough positive interaction with the human element of the world to get me through a few more days. I’ve been leaning heavily on WoW for moral support, and I’ve actually had a few decent messages on Facebook this week despite its norm of small talk and idle chatter.

Work is okay, but contributes to tiredness. I had one excellent call to start my day, but inevitably the day was also filled by an assortment of idiots, a******s, and ungrateful bastards. Next time you call a corporate 1-800 # please remember the person answering is a human, too. Sure, some of them suck, but some of us actually care. Or at least try to care.

I’m waiting for my latest shipment from Amazon to cheer me up. I’ve got a couple CDs, a comic book (The Dane recommended Love Is A Foreign Language, so I’m grabbing it), and Dr. Strangelove on the way.

I love Dr. Strangelove. I can’t wait to pull that insane, wheel-chair-bound, German scientist out of the box to hear his madness.

By the way, if you’re looking for the answer, it’s One Quarter of a Century.


On Saturday I turned TwentyNothing Plus Two. On walking to our freshman connection party that night, I asked a couple of guys from the Bible study I lead how old they are. Both are still 18. Ok, so I feel old. It’s time for me to get out of this college life.

My birthday was sweet. Thanks to my family for the stuff I got from them (fourth year straight with a birthday cake in the mail). Thanks to grandparents, Jenny, and Tracy for cards. You all rock. Thanks to the mysterious “happy birthday” voice mail from Misty (and Merry??). Thanks to Jenny for planning the party last night at Tracy’s. Thanks to everyone else who ever said anything remotely akin to “Happy Birthday”.

My Weekend Thus Far

It’s been a swell weekend. Tracy’s birthday was on Friday (happy birthday to youuuu…). Also, Nav Nite and afterwards went to Jacob V.’s for cards and hanging out. Today (Saturday) I painted windows for an hour before my hands got too numb to continue. 4L was around for a while this afternoon. Video games attracted a lot of attention during the day and night including Half-Life, Diablo 2, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Tyler, Phil, Jake, and Luebbe all involved at various points of the day.

Around dinnerish time, headed down to Chipotle and watched Matrix: Revolutions with some other Navigator’s and some of the freshman guys. The fajita was tasty and kept me full for a few hours. The movie … I liked it, but… nothing beats the first. Smith is the most dynamic and interesting character. The plot resolves itself to an extent at the end, but… nothing beats the first. _shrug_ Oh well. It’s hard to keep the momentum going for three movies.

It’s Somebody’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Cora!

Yesterday (the day before her birthday) Cora threw a party in A-Town. About 15 people or so showed up for it. BBQ, hay ride, campfire, and canoes. The atmosphere totally rocked. The country does that to me those ocassional times I get to experience it. Lightning bugs are beautiful. Seeing hundreds or thousands of them hovering over a field at dusk amazes me.

A lot of my friends came and I was able to talk to them. It’s good getting to spend time together. This summer, it has been awesome being around and getting to see my closest friends at least once every week or two. Last night probably ranks among the highlights of my summer. I may not know how to give Jenny high-fives, and I learned once more of Linsey’s “wrath,” Matt didn’t eat the five burgers to earn his kiss, but that’s all part of the fun.