Responsibility, what’s that?

Updated: 4:46AM, 08/08/2003

Matt says (paraphrase), “I was scraping the second story bedroom window and I saw a bunch of things that looked like slugs on the paint. I kept scraping and scraping, and thought to myself, ‘it really smells funny right here.’ Then I looked up and saw a bat on a shutter. I thought, ‘maybe the smell is coming from that dead bat.’ I poked it. It hissed at me. Then I got down the ladder before it could knock me off. I’ll get it later with a hose. Those slugs were probably bat poop.”

The ppl we’re housesitting for get back on Tuesday. Whoops. We didn’t think it was that soon. Mad rush to get out! We need to finish painting the windows, too.

Two One shifts left at McDs. I’ve got a telephone survey job lined up for the school year. The manager didn’t guarantee the job would exist, but it seems likely.

Tonight, Travis is going to look at my car for me. Hopefully we’ll figure out the break situation and be able to repair it in the next few days. I have hopes of going home for a week starting next Wednesday. The car situation ended up well. $40 to fix the rotors. I need to have a couple other things checked out at a car shop just in case, but this fixed the immediate problem.

My dad’s laser eye surgery went well today. It takes some time to heal up perfectly, but his far-sight should be better now.

Yo estoy… entonces… err…. uh…. consado? Solamente hablo un pocito de español.

Today’s Link for Luebbe
The Dane – August 6 and July 21, 2003 are notable

East Campus, Jenny is among you

“You just need a little bit of blood dripping from the fang and you’ll be good. That’s enough decorating advice from Matt for the night.” – Matt 4L

I’m over at Jenny’s room chillin’ with Jenny, Luebbe, 4L, and Tyler. She’s decorating. Everybody’s talking.

I just got on to experience ethernet again. Sweet, sweet, ethernet. _drool_

“I want a quote on your website. But not that one.” – Jenny

Woohah. I’m out.

It’s Somebody’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Cora!

Yesterday (the day before her birthday) Cora threw a party in A-Town. About 15 people or so showed up for it. BBQ, hay ride, campfire, and canoes. The atmosphere totally rocked. The country does that to me those ocassional times I get to experience it. Lightning bugs are beautiful. Seeing hundreds or thousands of them hovering over a field at dusk amazes me.

A lot of my friends came and I was able to talk to them. It’s good getting to spend time together. This summer, it has been awesome being around and getting to see my closest friends at least once every week or two. Last night probably ranks among the highlights of my summer. I may not know how to give Jenny high-fives, and I learned once more of Linsey’s “wrath,” Matt didn’t eat the five burgers to earn his kiss, but that’s all part of the fun.

July 4th

Technically, it’s July 5th, but being that it’s six a.m. and I haven’t slept yet, let’s pretend it’s still yesterday, okay?

So anyway, earlier today, which is still July 4th (see above), I had a sweet day. Last night, Matt and I headed to his parents house and crashed there. Today I got a good dosage of decent food (Joe = breakfast, Kim = lunch, Whiskey Grill = dinner). Fireworks were fun. Seriously, Joe is like a kid with those things. He’s Matt’s dad, and he seems like he’s having the most fun of anyone. You should hear him scream when the wick is short on the firecracker. Their dog didn’t like ’em at all.

Dinner at Whiskey Creek Grill was tight. 10oz burger, baby! Peanuts scattered across the floor created an interesting aura, the country music playing in the background, and the western-movie posters definitely tipped the scales.

Hearing Matt’s dad and grandpa tell stories topped off the evening. Tormenting children by freaking them out at unawares, driving through bad parts of town (a.k.a. ghettos), and other such things. Good stuff. After that, we came back home and I scuttled off to work.


It’s okay though. I can’t cash it yet anyway. The bank will be closed before I ever wake up tomorrow. Call me Mara, for I’m still broke.

Tomorrow is Cora’s day-before-birthday part, and I’m looking forward to that. Whee!!!

A Splendid Day

I have had a splendid day. Update (6/2/2003 – finished the post): My friendly bedside alarm awoke me at 10:30AM to the sounds of a local classic rock station. I think the song was the Grateful Dead singing about riding a train high on cocaine.

In any case, the day proceeded. I prepared sandwiches and fruit, loaded up those, juice, pretzles, and cookies into a small cooler. I grabbed a nerfish football from my boxes in the basement, some a few things in my backpack, set my CD-binder next to my things. Thus the preparation ended.

Preparation for what? Patience, please.

I read my Bible for a while and prayed. I think it’s a good way to spend some time every day, especially when making decisions, planning, and seeking guidance in any aspect of life. (I often fail with regard to the “any” aspect.)

Philippians 4:19 – “And my God will meet _all_ your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. ”

I watched Matt play Diablo II while waiting for a phone call. The phone call came, and I then drove fifteen minutes across town in order to…

pick up Tracy for a date. We went to Pioneers Park and had a picnic (hence the food preparation). It was an enjoyable time of talking, football tossing, and meandering through the park. If you sniffed at the right moment, you really could smell the pine trees.