Double J w/ a Beard

As I was riding the bus home from work today, I looked out the window and beheld Double J, but with a beard. I’ve never seen Double J with a beard and considering that he lives in Minnesota and not Seattle, I knew this could not be him. However, it may have been his twin.

The credence of the possibility is aided by the following facts: Double J has a twin brother, Double J’s twin brother has a beard, and Double J’s twin brother works downtown.

Final confirmation is pending.

Tweaking Out

I’ve tweaked the site a bit today. The header menu has been updated w/ the inclusion of a new Photo Gallery which grabs all of my photo sets from Flickr and makes them all nice and friendly to view. Also, I’ve updated The Quotes to be more built-in and use the updated look&feel of the site.

You’ll also see a new section called Pownce in the sidebar. It’s a website with functionality similar to the status capability on Facebook (e.g. “C. is angry with the Lords of the Power Station.”) and also similar to Twitter. It’s got some other abilities such as sharing links and files. Anyway, there’s already a Pownce Facebook plugin and a Pownce WordPress plugin so I’m playing around with it a bit. My profile is here and I’ve got one invite left for the site if anybody wants it.

Update: Well, you may notice that the archives go back quite a bit further now. All the way back until October 2002 when I first started blogging. Yup, I’ve been working all day on importing the old blogs and posts into here. I’ve been fixing some of it to work w/ the right formatting, correcting various internal links, and more. It’s still a bit in process as I move some of the posts to the correct categories and finish up the formatting.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m still missing a period of time from late 2004 thru mid 2005 which I haven’t been able to import yet. But this is a lot more complete than it was!

Alexi Murdoch – Song For You (lyrics)

Artist: Alexi Murdoch
Song: Song For You
Album: Time Without Consequence

Lyrics (from SongMeanings)

So today I wrote a song for you
Cause a day can get so long
And I know its hard to make it through
When you say there’s something wrong

So I’m trying to put it right
Cause I want to love you with my heart
All this trying has made me tight
And I don’t know even where to start

Maybe that’s a start

Cause you know its a simple game
That you play filling up your head with rain
And you know you are hiding from your pain
In the way, in the way you say your name

And I see you
Hiding your face in your hands
Flying so you won’t land
You think no one understands
No one understands

So you hunch your shoulders and you shake your head
And your throat is aching but you swear
No one hurts you, nothing could be sad
Anyway you’re not here enough to care

And you’re so tired you don’t sleep at night
As your heart is trying to mend
You keep it quiet but you think you might
Disappear before the end

And it’s strange that you cannot find
Any strength to even try
To find a voice to speak your mind
When you do, all you wanna do is cry

Well maybe you should cry

And I see you hiding your face in your hands
Talking bout far-away lands
You think no one understands
Listen to my hands

And all of this life
Moves around you
For all that you claim
You’re standing still
You are moving too
You are moving too
You are moving too
I will move you

Happy Death (Of Life and Science Fiction)

Flash Gordon is worth watching — nothing like cheesy Sci Fi Channel shows to finish off the evening. Stargate SG-1 may be no more, but there will always be plenty of second-rate science fiction to go around. Ah yes, the time portals, alien bounty-hunters, and nearly witty dialog… I don’t know that I could survive without it. I’d quote the dialog here, but the choicest lines defy reproduction.

I’ve been reemerging myself in some scifi roots lately rereading a few of my favorite novels. Of recent times, Fitzpatrick’s War is one of my favorites — possibly because nobody has heard of it, possibly because it’s currently a standalone work, but most likely because it’s written with skill. The characters are craft into a future setting in the 26th century in which America has fallen by 2081, and a new confederacy has arisen. It’s future fiction with all the trappings of science fiction: altered scientific possibilities (via satellites that disrupt electricity), the movement and motion of empires and civilization (a la Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series), but also the crafting of excellent characters with breath and emotion and the ripples of change carrying them through the pages.

A book of classic scifi persuasion, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury has my eyes rushing through each page looking to find more fuel for my mind and being completely satisfied with ever bit of it. The book’s overall theme shines the spotlight on the topic of censorship of books. Firemen no longer put out fires (because houses are now fireproof), but instead have been recruited as the enforcers of the government’s censorship program to burn books.

Most interesting though in Fahrenheit 451 is not the obvious theme of censorship. It speaks directly to other problems envisioned by Bradbury when he wrote the book in 1953 which affect our world today and speak strongly of the human condition in general. The protagonist in the story, Guy Montag, has a wife who holds no love for him. She stares at the television walls in her house all day, and at night has her ears stuffed w/ ‘seashells’ (Bradbury’s envisioning of what could now be considered portable radios, or, more aptly to present society, iPods). People are so distracted living in the fast times and drowning their minds in fun/entertainment that in the process they lose something of their souls.

In any case, if you’ve never read either of these books, I recommend them. At some point, I plan to also reread 1984 and Animal Farm.

If you’ve got any scifi you’d like to recommend, please leave your comments. (Oh, and don’t bother mentioning Star Wars Universe, Star Trek, or Halo books. Plus, I think Master Chief has more important tasks for you than reading.)