Anybody play Duels (register)? If you do, let me know. I’m trying it out and if I’ve got any friends there I’d like to know. I’m trying it out as a way to get my battle on without all the time-consumption of WoW. Basically, you build your avatar as either an human or elf, tweak your states, fight battles with other people, and improve.

You can either sign up on the Duels website or it’s got a Facebook app if you prefer to play it that way.

(Discovered via Techcrunch)

Racing the Bus

Today, the buses were running extremely slow through downtown. People were shopping the shops, coffing the coffee, and horse-riding the horse-rides.

So I decided to start walking and race the bus. As I left the Borders store where I was passing a few moments listening to the new Jimmy Eat World album, I saw my usual bus stopped at a stop light. I crossed the road and began walking its path along the sidewalk. I walked from the Borders near 4th Ave & Pike to the Verizon Wireless at 8th and Olive Way (about five blocks). I ceased walking at this point because this is the last major stop before the interstate. I then waited four minutes, my bus caught up, I got on, and the rest of the drive went quickly.

I fought the bus and the… bus lost.

Seeking Justification

I’ll find out soon if my fear has any basis in rationality. My arm is starting to ache a bit incredibly reminiscent of the issues I had slightly over two years ago when they had to cut it open (nasty pictures, beware) to drain out the infection. I’m gonna drop by the Urgent Care at a clinic recommended by a man from my church. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: “Incised cyst.” Apparently some skin growing inward under the surface trying to form another layer of skin instead of where it’s supposed to be any ends up making a “ball”. The infection is the symptom and apparently shows up in the middle of the ball. (If I’m understanding it correctly.) Gonna try antibiotics, but it’s 50/50 leaning towards needing to be sliced and drained (again). Plus I’ve got to wait to get the drugs until the morning because Walgreens is backed up. I’m frustrated, tired, hungry, fighting infection, not sure how scheduling is gonna work out for getting to work in the morning, and… well. It’ll all come together, but this is not how I want to head into the weekend before Christmas.