Your Obsession Gets You Known (417)


Going to the post office, getting my stitches out today, 26, work, dinner (Italian) in Bellevue, and maybe sleeping sometime.

I’m learning to type abbreviated messages due to insane amounts of Twitter usage. You can see by this graph my usage has exploded this month.

Gotta go get ready for the day now.

HD Format Wars: Blu-Ray Wins

If you have an HDTV and have been considering purchasing a high-definition video player, the one to choose now is Blu-Ray. Toshiba, the long-time proponent of the HD-DVD format, is calling it quits w/ the format . Toshiba will be halting production of HD-DVD hardware after numerous recent losses of major studios and retailers (Wal-Mart) to the Blu-Ray format (via Slashdot).

You will see HD-DVD players and discs on discount as its backers try to liquidate their wares and cut their losses, but you should not buy them if you want your content to have long-term usability and any hope of growing the size of your video collection as HD-DVD videos will have increasingly limited availability.


Did I mention I bought a laptop? A nice HP Pavilion dv6500 w/ an AMD 64 Athlon X2 processor. I’ve got it running Ubuntu and Windows XP, but mostly I’m using Ubuntu. I had to hack around and compile/configure the correct driver for my wifi and sound card, but I’ve got the hardware all sorted out now. I’m working on getting the system setup to be a good development machine for me.

So far I’ve installed Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. Over the weekend I’ll get PHP installed and also set up an Apache webserver and MySQL for testing purposes. Oh, the fun I’ll have!

I’m staying busy lately aside from work. The English-language practice on Mondays is dying off because nobody comes, but I’m still going to Bible study/potluck on Wednesday nights. Friday nights I’ve had assorted activities; a couple weekends ago I hung out w/ a couple of guys from SaturdayHouse. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to a gathering of “Seattle Tweeters” — Seattle users of Twitter — because a girl I met last Saturday (at SaturdayHouse/Six Hour Startup) invited me to come since I’ve been using Twitter a lot and messaging her and some other SH people on there.

Plus, coming up in March… a party for Battlestar Galactica. Oh yeah!

I’ve found community. I love it.