The power button for my computer monitor (19″ Dell flat panel) broke today. I called Isaac to ask him to Google for fixes. No luck — nobody knows how to fix computer monitor power buttons. At least, not anyone on the internets.

I called Tyler to ask him if he knew how to fix it. He informed me that monitors aren’t typically designed with deconstruction and fixing in mind.

I called Dell in a feeble attempt to receive “customer service.” In general I like Dell, but their customer service sucked. At first, it’s IVR couldn’t figure out what I was saying, then I got angry and yelled at it and it told me to wait. I waited ten minutes before giving up (plus from previous experience I figured they would ask me to pay them money to give me advice that probably wouldn’t fix the problem anyway — that and my warranty is probably expired).

In frustration with the entire situation, I took out a pocket knife, stabbed the power button repeatedly, and proceeded to cut it out off. I then found where I needed to push to turn on the power, stabbed it, and now my monitor is turned on again.

Best Code Comment Ever

// TODO: no error checking - we’re bold…

This has to be the best code comment ever. Not very intelligent, but humorous at least. Probably explains why the application got hacked 45 minutes after launching on the web. The victim was John McCrea, Plaxo‘s VP of Marketing, using the first web application based on Google’s new OpenSocial APIs.

If you’re curious, OpenSocial is Google’s new interface for creating widgets/gadgets/apps for social networking platforms. It’s partners currently include Engage.com, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo, Salesforce.com, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING. No information yet whether Facebook, Microsoft, or Yahoo will be joining the initiative. If it makes its way to Facebook at some point, you’ll want to be aware for the simple reason that a poorly coded application can be vulnerable to attack. Some existing Facebook applications have vulnerabilities, but for the most part are limited.

Techcrunch – First OpenSocial Application Hacked Within 45 Minutes

Slashdot 10th Anniversary Party


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Party! Update: I went to the Slashdot 10th Anniversary Party tonight held in Seattle. They’re holding ’em all over the country and I was fortunate enough to make it to this one. There were piles of pizza from Costco, flats full of soda, and even a cake.

Best of all, however, was the ample conversation to be had with people easy to relate to. Why? Because all of us read Slashdot and are all therefore somewhat bent towards topics related to technology, computers, the internet, gaming, blogging, etc.

I had a great time, got a few email addresses, and hope to actually see some of these folks again.

MyTwitter WordPress Plugin

NEW ADDRESS: http://anwanore.com/projects/mytwitter — The plugin has a new address at a project page I created exclusively for the MyTwitter for WordPress plugin

Plugin: MyTwitter
Current Version: 1.5 (Updated February 10, 2008)
Download (Zip) (from official WordPress Plugins site)
Download (Zip) (from my server)
Note: Only download from sites you trust. I’ve seen a few illegitimate spam sites popping up with ripped-off copies of the text and files with no attribution.

About: MyTwitter allows users to display their Twitter status updates (tweets) on their WordPress blog and update their status through the Options page. Includes customization options including number of recent twitters to display, formatting options, and stylesheets. It can be called as a function or used as a widget.

MyTwitter @ Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyTwitt3r

Please see the new project page for MyTwitter for installation assistance and to leave any comments about the plugin.

Amazon MP3

amazon mp3 logo

If you purchase digital music at all (oh, I know some of you are pirates, don’t try to hide it from me), let me point out the newly born Amazon MP3 (beta). All of the songs are straight MP3s (no DRM) so they’ll work just fine on iPods or any MP3 player or can be burned to CD without any difficulty. The site doesn’t have as much selection as iTunes (at least not yet), but they’ve snagged content from major labels Universal and EMI. So you can enjoy artists such as Kanye West, Coldplay, and David Bowie.

You don’t listen to Bowie? Ok, that’s fair, neither do I.

Another advantage over iTunes: price. The top 100 songs are $.89/each and the top $100 albums are $8.99. In general though, song costs start at $.89 and depend on length.

via Daring Fireball:

Amazon’s single pricing is based on track length. Songs that are more than seven minutes long cost $1.94, songs more than 14 minutes cost even more. This isn’t necessarily a bad deal compared to iTunes — Apple makes many of these tracks album-only.

Oh, and for a sweet taste of irony… have you seen the new Apple nano advertisement? You know, this one:
YouTube Preview Image
iPod nano featuring Feist1234

The irony is that this song is the #1 (album version) and #4 (single) most purchased song on Amazon MP3, it costs 10 cents less than on iTunes, and there’s no copy restrictions.