Israel vs Hezbollah

The President spoke to British Prime Minister Tony Blair regarding the current War in the Middle East. He didn’t know a microphone was listening.

Bush: You see, the … thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over

(Full Transcript)

Honestly, I think he’s right. If Syria’s the puppet master responsible for encouraging Hezbollah, they’ll need some “convincing” for this thing to end — whether it be monetary (sanctions), diplomatic pressure, or Israel’s war machine.

As far as the war goes, I’ve got a few thoughts. If people start blowing your citizens up, you need to kick some ass. All the people sitting around complaining don’t understand how war works. Sure, diplomacy has to occur, but diplomacy won’t stop rockets that’ve already been launched. You have to kill or otherwise incapacitate the people shooting the rockets. From what I’ve heard/read, I think Israel’s actions are justified.

HELP: Missing Person

Bad News: They’ve found her body burned in Mississippi. No info on how or why as they’re still investigating the murder. I don’t really know what else to say. Here’s the story and here’s a message from the victim’s boyfriend.

The following is taken from the original post at AbsolutePunk. More information is available here and also her MySpace profile. If you have any information, let Andy know (his email address is below). If nothing else, give up your prayers for a woman whose location nobody knows and for her boyfriend who’s definitely grieving right now. AFAIK, this is completely legit:

The following is an urgent, personal, non-music related message from Andy of The Junior Varsity.

Message From Andy


This is Andy Wildrick from The Junior Varsity. As of recently, my girlfriend of 3 years, Olamide Adeyooye, has been reported missing by the police. The last known place she was at was Family Video on Kottage Avenue in NORMAL, ILLINOIS on Thursday October 12th at about 9:00pm. Both her and her car are missing. Her cell phone was left at her apartment and her TV was on so she wasn’t planning on being gone for long. As you can imagine, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever encountered in my life. She is 5’1″ tall and weighs about 100lbs. She is Nigerian. A picture is attached. If you have any information please email me ASAP at I will get the email on my blackberry immediately. Thanks.

Update: More information about the search for Olamide is available in this press release from Normal (IL) Police Department.

That Skype Thing

I guess eBay just bought Skype. What is Skype? Go read about it. Basically, it lets you make phone calls.

So what I want to know is do any of y’all use Skype. Honestly, I haven’t got a whole lot of use for it since I’ve got more than enough cell phone minutes anyway. But I’m gonna check it out since it’s so popular.

Other Ways to Help in the Aftermath of Katrina

A billion other ways to help raise money for Katrina relief have come to the surface. Play poker to help the victims (this is a legit tourney w/ matching funds to raise money), donate to your company’s corporate relief effort (many match funds), Instapundit has a HUGE list, Michelle Malkin has a list and talks about blogging for Katrina relief, donate through Amazon, or donate through iTunes.

Update: This guy is blogging from New Orleans. He’s in a computer server room somewhere that’s still somewhat intact, it seems.

I’ve Never Been to Louisiana

So Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama pretty much got f#$%ed-over by a hurricane named Katrina. Anybody know of relief efforts yet?

For current news, Drudge has lots of links and FOX is covering like crazy. [Update: latest news about New Orleans]

If you haven’t been keeping track, most of New Orleans is submerged under feet of water (i.e. houses almost covered). Likely a few hundred people have died already in the hurricane, and now the biggest risk appears to be starvation from lack of access to food. Disease will become a major issue especially in New Orleans as water continues to freely flow into the city (engineers are working on the problem), sewage has joined with the water, and mosquito populations are expected to increase the longer the water remains. State leaders say the water won’t be able to be removed for at least two weeks.

In any case, these people need some help. Red Cross comes to mind, and apparently other people have been thinking the same thing as the site is currently running slow. If if I or anybody hears of any other groups responding to this situation, I’ll put up the link here. I’m guessing a lot of churches and religious groups will be raising money over the coming week to help out. I’ll do what I can and I hope you will, too.