Sand Will Cover You

“the towers that shoulder your pride
the words you’ve written in stone
sand will cover them, sand will cover you
the streets that suffer your name
your very flesh and your bones
sand will cover them, sand will cover you

so put your faith in more than steel
don’t store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real

step out from time, see the dust of nations
step out from time, hear the stars ovation

Saturn will not sleep, until the sand has made us clean
still we stack our stones and bury what we can
but it all will be undone, and nothing built under the sun
will ever stand before the endless march of sand

so put your faith in more than steel
don’t store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real

so put your faith in more than steel
don’t store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real (Source)”

Thrice – Of Dust and Nations

Sand will cover me, sand will cover you. So while we’re here, do something that matters. Find the real values — the treasures that will follow you beyond death.

Jesus said, “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” He also said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to [God] the Father except through me.” He is the true way to life. The only way to God. (John 14)

Forget whatever you believe that holds you back from investing all you have in this truth. Atheism doesn’t need or want you — your arguments may be interesting and well-constructed, but they serve nothing when you’re dust. Faith in God is not a manyfold path; Jesus says he’s the only way to God, and he meant it. Forget what the Christians say — our words matter not, but the words of God and the words of Christ will get you somewhere other than down-and-out, somewhere other than depressed, something better than despair. And for those of you holding back what you do have — let go of the dirt, the mud, your favorite sins. Let go and listen to truth, listen to God, listen and live.


Sand will cover you, but sand is not the climax, it’s not the end — faith leads us beyond.

Underoath – Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

Artist: underOATH
Song: Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

Reason for Posting: This song’s got decent lyrics, but the real reason I’m posting it is I’ve got a new way for you to “Show More” of a long post using a plugin that adds a little bit of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) code to the site. So click the link that says “Show More” and you’ll see what I mean. If you want to make the rest of the post go away, click the “Collapse This Post” link. Enjoy.

I heard a voice through the discord
A deluge of passersby
I saw one gaze frozen in time
Watching me passing by

And I swear I’ll know your face in the crowd
And I’ll hear your voice so loud
When you’re whispering

Hey unfaithful I will teach you
To be stronger, to be stronger
Hey ungraceful I will teach you
To forgive one another.

Darker Days Ahead

The full moon rises and glares down at the cars passing south down the highway who happen to be paying little attention to the small object to the side while trying to ignore the oncoming flood of white from cars driving past in the other lane. I joined in the stream this evening and flowed, weaved, and grooved down the highway slowing down and stopping for the occassional stoplight or blip of a small town before continuing on undaunted in my return home from a brief foray to the north.

I’d say I took this trip to hunt, to ransack, and to pillage ’cause it sounds quite manly and important, but I’d be lying. I paid money to eat seafood flown from who-knows-where, I tipped well, and then I drank south-american coffee in an all-american coffee-shop. The friends present at the feasting made it worthwhile and quite enjoyable. We traded sly comments and a myriad of jokes (some dirty) which kept us laughing throughout the meal and the after-coffee.

Weekends like these make life worthwhile. I may be no perfect saint, but being out, about, eating, drinking, and laughing helps me remember why I’m glad to be here, now, and who I am.

Green Day – Whatsername

“the regrets are useless, in my mind
she’s in my head
from so long ago and in the darkest night
if my memory serves me right
I’ll never turn back time

forgetting you, but not the time”

Emery – The Question

Where were you when I was listening to The Question — Emery’s newest album? It just came out today in stores everywhere and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty good. If you liked their first album you’ll definitely like this one, too. It’s full of amazing melodies and harmonization with emphasis brought about using screams (can you say “screamo?”).

So, what is the question? It’s actually quite an interesting setup for the album. The question is “Where were you when I was…” and the remainder of the question is each song’s title. For example, the lyrics I have below are from the song “Listening to Freddie Mercury.” i.e. the question is “Where were you when I was listening to Freddie Mercury?”

I’ve only listened to the album through once so I can’t say how I’ll feel about this in the long run, but I have a feeling it’ll be in heavy rotation on my car stereo over the coming weeks. Songs like “Returning the Smile You Have Had from the Start” and “Studying Politics” will grab you if you give ’em a chance. And I have every intention of letting that happen over and over again.

Below, I’ve included some lyrics from one of the songs that may be of interest to Christians. It’s more or less a critique of many Christians judgement of people and the attitude that “Somehow, someone is more equal than others.” Read on below.

Band: Emery (PV)
Album: The Question
Song: Listening to Freddie Mercury

Every once in a while I think I’m lying.
Take it to the bank,
I believe every word I say.
Then again this is when you start your prying.
But there’s a thought it could be true.
But this just isn’t how I imagined it would be.

The Postal Service – This Place is a Prison

Artist: The Postal Service (PV)
Album: Give Up
Song: This Place is a Prison

Reason for Posting: If you dig into these lyrics and figure out what it’s talking about, you can see some truth. The glamour of partying dies if it’s happening every night. The lifestyle discussed in this song can really become a prison: the drugs, the alcohol, the partying.

this place is a prison, these people aren’t your friends
inhaling thrills through $20 bills and the
tumblers are drained and then flooded again and again

there’s guards at the on ramps armed to the teeth
and you may case the grounds
from the cascades to puget sound,
but you are not permitted to leave