I accomplished one of my major goals for the week and today is only Monday. I introduced myself to the cute girl at work. “Nice to meet you,” and then we both walked away.

I’m doing the Netflix thing. And the satellite TV thing. It’s probably a good thing I got my last paycheck today from the previous employer — ten days late, but who’s counting. (I am and I was pissed.)

So far I’ve watched a couple movies. “Before Sunset” “Before Sunrise” is 100% worth watching. It’s an excellent romantic film. The plot is simple (an American meets a French girl on the train and they hang out for the night), but portrayed excellently. It’s one of the better jobs I’ve seen of actors conveying emotion through body language.

Tonight I watched “Beautiful Girls.” Somehow I think Rosie O’Donnell was supposed to be one of these “Beautiful Girls.” If they’d scrubbed her role out of the movie, it would’ve been good. It’s not one of those movies you watch and feel satisfied and more alive after watching. You see it, get done watching, and think: “Yeah, that’s kinda how it goes.” People live, screw up, and get some sort of lesson out of it. This movie was just an example, and probably not the best one, but it was alright.

Going to bed by 10pm is kind of a drag. It makes me feel old. Then again, watching a movie wherein the main characters discuss love/marriage, and the perceived difficulty of finding love when approaching 30… well, it’s not exactly something I’ve ever wanted to be able to relate to other people about. And this will be what I’m thinking about while I try to fall asleep.

Or maybe just impossible spaceships and planets and aliens. I will hide in science fiction for at least a few minutes.

Rediscoveries – The Worst of The Archives

From the OLD, OLD, OOOOOLD archives, here are some of my favorites. Please share your favorite memories in honor of my sometime-around-now 5th anniversary of blogging. (Note: The posts chosen below represent recovered posts from October 2002 through the end of 2004.)

  • yay. – my oldest recovered post (although I actually started in/around September 2002)
  • Hobo Art – one of the few lingering hobo related memories from my site (I can’t find the rest of the oldest posts)
  • Holy Expletive, look at that squirrel!
  • Tired Road – a poem about the time I pulled a 540 degree turn on the interstate at 70mph while trying to take Alien Ant Farm out of the CD player in my blue ’92 Ford Escort hatchback
  • Grits – Ooh Aah lyrics – this song will always be awesome
  • Modiglian – my favorite memories of this poem are of sitting in Jenny’s dorm room in Kaufmann and trying to read through it without running out of breath. At various points I remember Jake, Jenny, Rachel, and 4L all giving it a shot. Rachel got through the whole thing in one go.
  • KJ-52 Followup – the only KJ-52 post I still have
  • Valentine’s Special: Date the Jake – ladies, he’s still single! Waste no time, date the Jake NOW!
  • Still Waiting – leaning towards emo?
  • Jax STP 2004 – oh, the memories

As a brief update on the situation with the archives, I’m still missing a lot of old posts and there’s about six months from January 2005 through June 2005 that I probably won’t be able to recover due to an error in my backup of those months. But please enjoy the ones that have come back! Also, I’ve done my best to edit the archives to remove any full names (other than maybe Double-J and Luebbe and a couple references to Jake). If you want your name further hidden or expunged from any specific post, let me know.

60 Minutes

I’m not loving the hour long bus rides. The thing that keeps me going is the fact that it’d cost me $100 more a month to park downtown and probably add another 30 minutes to my commute each way if I didn’t take the bus. Plus, I’m saving gas money.

Oh, and the environment — yeah, I’m saving that, too. I love the earth. I’ll be back in a minute, I’m going outside to hug a tree…

Double J w/ a Beard

As I was riding the bus home from work today, I looked out the window and beheld Double J, but with a beard. I’ve never seen Double J with a beard and considering that he lives in Minnesota and not Seattle, I knew this could not be him. However, it may have been his twin.

The credence of the possibility is aided by the following facts: Double J has a twin brother, Double J’s twin brother has a beard, and Double J’s twin brother works downtown.

Final confirmation is pending.

Happy Death (Of Life and Science Fiction)

Flash Gordon is worth watching — nothing like cheesy Sci Fi Channel shows to finish off the evening. Stargate SG-1 may be no more, but there will always be plenty of second-rate science fiction to go around. Ah yes, the time portals, alien bounty-hunters, and nearly witty dialog… I don’t know that I could survive without it. I’d quote the dialog here, but the choicest lines defy reproduction.

I’ve been reemerging myself in some scifi roots lately rereading a few of my favorite novels. Of recent times, Fitzpatrick’s War is one of my favorites — possibly because nobody has heard of it, possibly because it’s currently a standalone work, but most likely because it’s written with skill. The characters are craft into a future setting in the 26th century in which America has fallen by 2081, and a new confederacy has arisen. It’s future fiction with all the trappings of science fiction: altered scientific possibilities (via satellites that disrupt electricity), the movement and motion of empires and civilization (a la Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series), but also the crafting of excellent characters with breath and emotion and the ripples of change carrying them through the pages.

A book of classic scifi persuasion, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury has my eyes rushing through each page looking to find more fuel for my mind and being completely satisfied with ever bit of it. The book’s overall theme shines the spotlight on the topic of censorship of books. Firemen no longer put out fires (because houses are now fireproof), but instead have been recruited as the enforcers of the government’s censorship program to burn books.

Most interesting though in Fahrenheit 451 is not the obvious theme of censorship. It speaks directly to other problems envisioned by Bradbury when he wrote the book in 1953 which affect our world today and speak strongly of the human condition in general. The protagonist in the story, Guy Montag, has a wife who holds no love for him. She stares at the television walls in her house all day, and at night has her ears stuffed w/ ‘seashells’ (Bradbury’s envisioning of what could now be considered portable radios, or, more aptly to present society, iPods). People are so distracted living in the fast times and drowning their minds in fun/entertainment that in the process they lose something of their souls.

In any case, if you’ve never read either of these books, I recommend them. At some point, I plan to also reread 1984 and Animal Farm.

If you’ve got any scifi you’d like to recommend, please leave your comments. (Oh, and don’t bother mentioning Star Wars Universe, Star Trek, or Halo books. Plus, I think Master Chief has more important tasks for you than reading.)