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A True Hero
Posted by on December 10th, 2003, at 4:58am

Cal Ripken, Jr.  A True Hero.

This one’s for you, Miss Adams. (And hopefully Rachael will enjoy as well.) A true hero!

Oh, and when I said Iron Horse (or whatever) on the voice mail, I meant the “Iron Man”. (Iron Horse would be the native american name for trains, if I recall correctly.)

I own a bunch of Cal Ripken, Jr. baseball cards. I have them at home in Colorado in a box in my parents basement. I followed baseball hardcore as a kid and incredibly enjoyed such players as Rickey Henderson, Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey, Jr., Cal Ripken, Jr., Ryan Sandberg, and Nolan Ryan. A few of these players are still around. Unfortunately, unlike those players my interest in baseball has not remained as strong. Oh well!

Other Information
Wikipedia: Cal Ripken, Jr.

Posted by on November 5th, 2003, at 2:38am

And you thought everything on the Simpson’s was ridiculous.

Somebody’s actually trying to grow a Tomacco plant. Watch the news story.

Tomacco = crossbreed between tobacco and tomato plants.

Update: Sorry, apparently the video has been removed. Read the story at Wired.

Why I’ll Never Work At McD’s (again)
Posted by on October 26th, 2003, at 12:42pm

This is actually only one of the reasons I’d prefer not to work at McD’s again, but usually when I talk about the other ones people tell me they’d rather not know. (Thanks for Barrow for sending this image to me.)

Online Girlfriend Dumping
Posted by on September 24th, 2003, at 12:28pm

This is an email between two real people. Names are fake.

From: Tyson, 14
To: Tia, 14
Length of Relationship: A couple of years

“I don’t think we should go out anymore. Thing is, the new girl and I have been together for three months. I know you won’t mind, because you’ve always been so understanding of me. I really think that you were like practice for me. You aren’t really my type.”

My thoughts: If she’s really that understanding, you wouldn’t be afraid to dump her in PERSON! Coward. (Really, that’s all I need to say.) I am amused.

(Source – “”. YM, July 2003 issue, p. 65. Thanks to Cora for showing this to me.)

Calpis Water
Posted by on September 3rd, 2003, at 2:49am


Calpis!: Now I can finally get it in America in a non-condensed form! For $3. w00t!

Wizzywig also has assorted snacks and other Japanese colectibles. This isn’t an ad. I’m just excited and wish I could buy some things.