A True Hero

Cal Ripken, Jr.  A True Hero.

This one’s for you, Miss Adams. (And hopefully Rachael will enjoy as well.) A true hero!

Oh, and when I said Iron Horse (or whatever) on the voice mail, I meant the “Iron Man”. (Iron Horse would be the native american name for trains, if I recall correctly.)

I own a bunch of Cal Ripken, Jr. baseball cards. I have them at home in Colorado in a box in my parents basement. I followed baseball hardcore as a kid and incredibly enjoyed such players as Rickey Henderson, Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey, Jr., Cal Ripken, Jr., Ryan Sandberg, and Nolan Ryan. A few of these players are still around. Unfortunately, unlike those players my interest in baseball has not remained as strong. Oh well!

Other Information
Wikipedia: Cal Ripken, Jr.

Online Girlfriend Dumping

This is an email between two real people. Names are fake.

From: Tyson, 14
To: Tia, 14
Length of Relationship: A couple of years

“I don’t think we should go out anymore. Thing is, the new girl and I have been together for three months. I know you won’t mind, because you’ve always been so understanding of me. I really think that you were like practice for me. You aren’t really my type.”

My thoughts: If she’s really that understanding, you wouldn’t be afraid to dump her in PERSON! Coward. (Really, that’s all I need to say.) I am amused.

(Source – “breakup@loser.com”. YM, July 2003 issue, p. 65. Thanks to Cora for showing this to me.)