Valentine’s Special: Date The Jake!

About the Valentine’s Day Specials: These Valentine’s Day specials, of which there will be two or three, are an exposé of individuals who are presently single and I think are clearly high calibur dating material.

jake couch pose-thumb.jpg

Name: Jake
Preferred Nickname: No, I really don’t like the name “Nick”
Age: 21
Gender: Testosterone-induced

Major: Secondary Education in Math
Ideal Job: I think a more appropriate question would be ideal salary
Realistic Job: Teaching as a platform for ministry

Interests: The arts (the classical stuff, not the crap we see now), Dr. Pepper, dancing in the rain
Oft-used Phrases: “Woman, please!”, “Boy howdy!”
Interesting secret: I’m Batman.

Looks for in a Mate: A woman (and everything that entails, see Genesis 1-2) with two legs that breathes, and is susceptible to the kvorka

Religious beliefs: I believe that the God of the Bible is the only true God, that He is who He says He is, and that my beliefs don’t affect who He is. I also believe that men have fallen out of relationship with God because of sin, and that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to take my punishment upon Himself. By His death and resurrection, I can stand before God in a right relationship, but only because I have been called by God into that relationship.

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