This Has Been/Is Being a Very Good Weekend

This weekend has been going great so far. Last night, went down to Saturday House (even though it was Friday) to hang out w/ some guys down there to do some hanging out. I bought some books at Borders beforehand about Ruby on Rails (web programming framework) on flipped through them a bit. I think we were on a caffeine high while we came up with some ridiculous business models involving animal-breeding dating services via the internet (and crazy enough most of the name ideas we came up with were registered domains and probably ones you wouldn’t want to visit).

Woke up this morning after dreaming about Ruby on Rails syntax and went to a web committee meeting at church. We made some progress w/ identifying goals for the new church website and created questions for a survey about the project that will be given to the church pending session approval.

Had breakfast w/ Matthieu at Denny’s after the web meeting this morning. It’s nice hanging out w/ somebody who is about my same age and offers a positive influence on my life. He’s a year young than me, but his third kid is on the way now so he’s had a bit of maturing that I haven’t had to face yet.

Went down to actual SaturdayHouse after breakfast. Studied Rails, had some random conversations, hung out w/ Sean a bit. Went down to this used PC store w/ a couple of the guys, but no decent laptops were on sale. I was going to buy Isaac’s but it’s keyboard has some issues that are going to cost too much to fix to be worthwhile. I’m looking at other refurb laptops online and I’m thinking about checking Fry’s out, but I’m not entirely sure if I trust Fry’s. Martin (roommate) bought his computer there and he pretty much had to take the whole thing back and exchange it today due to some issues w/ Vista sucking and his monitor having some dead pixels (bright green, yay!). But at least they exchanged it I guess.

Jenny blogged today. You should go check that out. (No links ’cause they’re trying to hide from the Search Man while Phil job hunts, but they’re still linked in the sidebar if you look closely.)

I’m gonna go watch a movie and rot my brain now. I bought “Before Sunrise,” and I’ve got “Pi” and “The Lake House” from Netflix right now.

The “Juno” soundtrack is awesome. Half of the soundtrack is Kimya Dawson songs which I can best describe as folksy, catchy tunes w/ a creative sense of imagery and a dash of I-Hate-The-President liberalness. There’s an excellent song from The Kinks – “A Well Respected Man” – that I will be singing loudly to from now until the day I die.

Oh, almost forgot to mention I’m having surgery on 2/11. Chop chop! Removing the cyst in my arm should help prevent future infections. As long as the surgeon doesn’t snip a tendon or cut a nerve, it should be okay. I’m more worried about my subconscious freaking out than I am about the doc doing his job.

Hitched in KC

Cora got married last Saturday. For the few people who were able to go, please send me pictures! If you weren’t invited, don’t freak out on Cora. It was a small wedding with immediate family + a half-dozen friends. But anyway, she’s married, I’m sad I wasn’t able to go, but happy that she’s found somebody she loves.

The Best Kind of Toasted

I’ve been losing sleep this week. Last night, I got home from work, cooked a pizza, and talked to Xiana on IM for a bit then on the phone.

We talked for Five (5) Hours! (= 300 minutes = 18,000 seconds)

New personal record. I enjoyed ever minute of it. My phone was tired by the end though; I’d recharged the phone twice during the conversation and it kept running out of battery. It reminded me of the epic phone call scene in ElizabethTown between Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst’s characters.

Epic! I like epics.

Today I’ve got a busy lineup. Coffee, lunch, then hanging out. I love having things to do on Saturdays.

All the Girls Want New Last Names, But None of Them Want Mine

Yes, another of my friends is getting married soon. Keep your eye here for the announcement soon, but in the meantime feel free to make guesses and place bets in the comments.

Update (11/14/07): Cora is getting a new last name next month. A crazy, hard-to-spell, but cool-sounding African last name. And before you freak out about not being invited, be comforted: she’s not inviting anyone. Until later.


Tracy and Scott are moving to Wisconsin. I’ll be filing a formal complaint soon so please feel free to leave any comments you’d like me to pass on to her.

(Or perhaps I could just say: “Congrats on Scott’s new job and good luck in The Land of Cheese!”)