Blazing Guitars

The most recent episode of South Park featured the kids playing Guitar Hero. It was enjoyable. It has me newly rehooked on Kansas – “Carry On My Wayward Son” in a way I haven’t been since the year 2000 (y2k!!!).

And now I’m delving into my audio searching for any song that features blazing, wailing, and otherwise raucous guitars. The new Coheed & Cambria does well and I still looking for a few more tunes to fit in.

Work is going well still. I’m getting a much better grasp of what goes on in the overall organization as opposed to just my business unit. Doesn’t hurt I guess. Things work a lot different here than they would in Nebraska or Colorado, but I like some of the ideas and I’ve got a lot of respect for the people in charge. They’re not just on autopilot doing their thing, they actually care.

I recently came up with my goals for 2008. (Not resolutions, dang it, and speaking of non-resolutions I’m at 312 days.)

Largest goal for 2008: Get married (or meet the woman)!

Nope, I’m not setting my sights high at all, but I’ve decided to be honest with myself. Of all the things in my life I feel would be most worth accomplishing next year, marriage is number one. I’m analytical and calculating and obsessed — and probably hurting my chances by blogging about it! (Great, now I have to make sure she doesn’t read my blog until IT’S TOO LATE!)


The Dane offered me some good dating advise: lure them with anime. I tried it once, and I can’t forget the horrors I experienced… the show featured a boy who would turn into a squirrel every time he got hugged. Horrible, horrible! Actually, I had fun on that date, but it wasn’t going to work so instead I just made out with her, went home, and broke up with her over the phone the next time I talked to her.

So yeah. No more first/second dates with anime. I’m still recovering from the mental searing.

True story.

The Spectrum

Life comes and life goes. Birth proceeds unto death. I appreciate the privilege of being around people at all ages and points in the process.

Today, I held a baby in my arms. I was humming a classic musical tune — a march I am unable to name — and hopping around. The baby giggled and smiled.

I’ve met some of the older men in my church recently. The opportunity to hear even a few stories from somebody who has lived through everything from World War II through the Information Age is amazing.

Then there’s the darker angles. The villager from a poor region in Latin America (I don’t remember which country) — a man named Napoleon — who says, “A farmer without land is nothing.” Napoleon is a farmer and he owns no land.

Do you curse God and point out the inequities in the world? Do you scream and shout and beg someone to change the world, do you fight for peace, do you make demands upon people you can’t keep yourself?

I intend to do what I can. I won’t expect anything more from other people, and I expect less from most. Doing anything is better than doing nothing, and a single action is better than all the words in the world save the word that generates new action in hearts and lives.

John 1:1-5 —

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Best Code Comment Ever

// TODO: no error checking - we’re bold…

This has to be the best code comment ever. Not very intelligent, but humorous at least. Probably explains why the application got hacked 45 minutes after launching on the web. The victim was John McCrea, Plaxo‘s VP of Marketing, using the first web application based on Google’s new OpenSocial APIs.

If you’re curious, OpenSocial is Google’s new interface for creating widgets/gadgets/apps for social networking platforms. It’s partners currently include, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo,, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING. No information yet whether Facebook, Microsoft, or Yahoo will be joining the initiative. If it makes its way to Facebook at some point, you’ll want to be aware for the simple reason that a poorly coded application can be vulnerable to attack. Some existing Facebook applications have vulnerabilities, but for the most part are limited.

Techcrunch – First OpenSocial Application Hacked Within 45 Minutes

I’m a Monster

Okay, so I did Halloween a bit different this year. As you may have noticed, I dyed my hair black and painted my nails black.

I went to work in costume. I also was wearing my new Van’s shoes and a thicker black belt along with my sexy jeans and Matchbook Romance t-shirt and an old plaid shirt.

Turns out, I met the mayor that day. For a few moments, I wished I’d dressed better, but then I realized I didn’t care — the inside counts, and the outside gets peoples’ attention.

The mayor is actually a pretty intelligent guy. He let us introduce ourselves and then ask questions. He handled all the questions easily with the best answers he had and for the things he didn’t know, he made it clear he’d have someone take a look into it. I don’t know if I agree with all his policy stances, but he’s not just playing the political game: he’s actually looking to bring about positive change for the people.

I found it interesting he referred to Jerry Brown, former governor of California, as one of his influences. The mayor refused to Brown as a “philosopher politician” which, he states, is “the best kind of politician.” I knew about Jerry Brown because my dad had talked about him before. Upon election, Jerry Brown referred to live in the California Governor’s Mansion and instead lived in an apartment. Anybody who goes out of their way to be a true “man of the people” like Brown earns my respect.

From work, I proceeded to the bus and to Nick’s car and on to Wednesday-night church. There’s a potluck every Wednesday and this is the first one I made it to. It was awesome — I love food that other people cook. Bachelor heaven.

Tomorrow I’m volunteering at an Agros fundraiser. It’s the same one I volunteered at last year when I was visiting Seattle for a week and scoping things out. I decided I might as well make it an annual event.

‘k so that’s it for now.