Uncovered Too Late (A Chill Breeze Falls)

I was hoping to go to a concert tomorrow. I dutifully waited until the last minute as is necessary to satisfy my procrastinatorial nature.

I F$^%ed myself over!!!! It’s “SOLD OUT” and now I know how much I really wanted to see the show. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I’m going into concert withdrawal. I NEED LIVE MUSIC!

head explodes

The Weakerthans – The Last Last One lyrics

Artist: The Weakerthans
Song: The Last Last One
Album: Watermark EP

You always stole all my last words.
Here’s no exception then, one more for me to send.
And nothing happens in the end.
I’m thinking of you less, more concerned…
and more is less, I guess it doesn’t matter now.

Maybe we’ll never go insane.
You always said we would,
sometimes I wished we could with
you lying naked in the rain
and singing Boney M, cutting down all our old friends.
I talk to them again now.

So here’s the last one I have left.
We fell a little deep, I watched you fall asleep.
And nothing happens in the end,
but I remember when I could remember when.
Seems like a long time ago.

Godwin’s Law

Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

anwanórë: Now featuring more content than a Nazi manifesto!

Webcomic References:
xkcdRegarding Mussolini
xkcd - Regarding Mussolini

Questionable ContentGodwin Wars
Questionable Content - Godwin Wars

In the random category… I actually saw somebody wearing the QC “She Blinded Me With Library Science” t-shirt last Saturday (QC store).

Update: This post has been edited due to objections by my conscience. Just read the comics and be happy. Thanks.

Cleaning House

Today, I worked, I shopped, and I cleaned house (apartment). I watched House aka “Sarcastic Doctor.” I wish I knew how to say “Sarcastic Doctor” en español. I’m getting my fix of posting for the day. Coheed & Cambria is my current drug of choice. I’m trying to convince a friend from church to go to the Motion City Soundtrack, Anberlin, and Mae show next week. He and his wife had me over for dinner on Sunday which was pretty cool. They’ve got a nice place.

Work is alright. Nothing special. Just waiting for the New Year’s Raise (three cheers for socialist market principles and the rise of the proletariat)! The key is to be one of the proletariat who becomes the new ruling elite and then you’re set. A single spark.

I need to sleep. My parents fly here in the morning so I gotta wake up… too soon.