More To Do

I’d like to post more here. I want to convert more of the site to using ridiculous fonts and scripts you wouldn’t be able to understand. However, I’ve been busy.

Essentially, here is a recap. Since last October, I’ve immersed myself in the local tech scene. I’ve met a lot of people, learned about the local tech culture, and read about and talked to people about how startup companies work. I’ve written code in PHP, learned a bit of Ruby and Python, and utilized CSS/HTML/XHTML skills in building or assisting with several websites.

Now all the hard work is getting close to paying off. I’m pushing hard to find a new job in this field. I’m incredibly close to reaching my goal of finding a new job by the end of August. Only a few days left, but I’ve been interviewing for a web developer position. If all goes well, I’ll be in a whole new world by Fall.

Update: I should have more news by next Wednesday.