Charleston Video via Animoto Music Video Creator

A while back, I mentioned Animoto, a music video creator. Since then, they’ve added a lot of features. I’ve had a chance to use their premium service that allows you to create full-length videos for $3/video or $30/year (instead of the free 30 second samples).

I whipped up a video featuring my trip to Charleston. It let me select an album to import from Flickr and add the music — had it up and going on less than half an hour. Pretty sweet — view the video below or watch it on Animoto.

More To Do

I’d like to post more here. I want to convert more of the site to using ridiculous fonts and scripts you wouldn’t be able to understand. However, I’ve been busy.

Essentially, here is a recap. Since last October, I’ve immersed myself in the local tech scene. I’ve met a lot of people, learned about the local tech culture, and read about and talked to people about how startup companies work. I’ve written code in PHP, learned a bit of Ruby and Python, and utilized CSS/HTML/XHTML skills in building or assisting with several websites.

Now all the hard work is getting close to paying off. I’m pushing hard to find a new job in this field. I’m incredibly close to reaching my goal of finding a new job by the end of August. Only a few days left, but I’ve been interviewing for a web developer position. If all goes well, I’ll be in a whole new world by Fall.

Update: I should have more news by next Wednesday.

One Big Happy Font Family

If you stop by my site instead of reading this through Google Reader or your crazy RSS-to-email bash script (I’m talking to you, Patrick), you’ll be able to see my fancy new design.

The biggest change is the header image where I’ve done away with the nothing that was there before and replaced it with some sexy Tengwar Quenya fonts and a lovely moon.

I tweaked the rest of the design, too. This probably isn’t the final rendering as there’s still more I’d like to do, but this is definitely sufficient for today.

Don’t Neglect the Social

Today, I’ve found potential job opportunities through Twitter and made important networking connections through Facebook. Don’t neglect the social web in your job hunt. Networking has stronger roots when the connection begins in person, but the internet can be a great asset in expanding your reach.

Having four-hundred friends or followers on your social network of choice won’t help you. Knowing the friends you have, who they know, and what they can provide will help you.


Apparently, ukulele music is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. According to the article “Those Four Irresistible Strings” in the New York Times, the ukulele is experiencing it’s third era of popularity due in part to the a YouTube video in 2006 of Jake Shimabukuru playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

YouTube Preview Image
Jake Shimabukuru – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Another popular ukulele tune recently is Israel Kamakawiwo’ole rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

YouTube Preview Image
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow