I’m Missing Out and So Are You

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“Rocking Our Sales” by Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band: It’ll make you cringe. And want to downgrade to XP. (Oh, wait already did?)

My next computer will be a Mac. If I need games, I’ll get Parallels to boot up XP on those rare occasions.

Currently, I’ll running XP on my desktop and Ubuntu on my laptop. I love Ubuntu.

Even with the many improvements made to Linux OSes over the last decade plus, Ubuntu is not for the faint of heart. But, if you can get it into shape and working, it provides all the power you need for web development.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Missing Out and So Are You”

  1. That woulda been eight times funnier if in the part where Bruce pointed to the girl and brought her up on stage, he instead pulled up the CEO. *sigh* Where’s my perfect world. I guess in a perfect world that video would have been half as long too…

  2. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why would you ever need a Mac? In all seriousness here, it would be cheaper to buy a whitebox laptop and buy the processor, RAM, and OS (if you need to buy one) yourself. Besides, Ubuntu should have everything you’ll ever need, and seriously, Windows XP works just fine if you’re not stupid with it.

    Need I also remind you of the Open-Source nature of Linux? Don’t like it? Modify it! If you have to choose a Unix based OS, just go Linux. It’s cheaper, has more than enough of the programs that you need and a lot of major commercial games are seeing Linux distros as well. If not, WINE will do just fine.

    Oh yeah, new version of Ubuntu came out today. Go get it everybody!

  3. Connway — there are some things a Mac can do better than Linux. I love open source and I love Ubuntu, but I can’t make Ubuntu friendly w/ Apple products or most Adobe products, it’s not as pretty, and it doesn’t work out of the box.

    I use and will continue to use Ubuntu for web development and as a server, but while it’s customer experience has improved greatly over the years it’s still not on par w/ Windows or Mac.

    (If my blog had more readers, this would have touched off a nice little flame war. If you’re reading, feel free to light the fire higher.)

  4. Haha, wow, after I clicked the “Submit Comment” button, I thought that this was going to get unnapproved. I agree that Linux is not readily usable out of the box, but I disagree on prettiness. Compiz Fusion is AMAZING! If you haven’t used it, use it. It comes installed on Ubuntu, but you might have to download the Compiz Fusion effects manager.

    Still, there isn’t really any exceptional, must have useful program for Mac that I’ve seen that hasn’t been available for Windows or Linux. Personally, I don’t like the GUI for Macs. Kind of ugly if you ask me. I’m also slightly biased against Macs cause I hate Steve Jobs as a person (assuming anything in “Pirates of Silicon Valley” holds true) and because when I was using a friends Mac with OSX on it, nothing that I wanted it to do worked.

    If I am allowed to go on, another thing is, why limit the Mac operating system only to Mac specific hardware? If it’s so good, why not let people who build their own custom tower buy the OS and install from scratch? Maybe I don’t want to spend $1k for a Macbook or equivalent tower version? Maybe I just want to build a really cheap budget PC so I can use a specific program on the Mac OS? All “this OS is better” arguments aside, their business practice is horrible.

    You know, I think I’ll just stop. The comments really isn’t a place for this. This is what forums are for … I guess.

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