Beware of Bobcats

Doom doom doom doom doom.

Nah, for real, everything is fine. I watched the first episode of Invader Zim the other day so Gir’s “doom” song has been stuck in my head. Funny episode, funny show.

I rewatched Before Sunrise again last night. Excellent movie still. Some foul language, but if you can survive it you’ll get a fair amount of useful dialogue and intriguing character displays for your efforts.

I got Stardust for my birthday, but haven’t rewatched it yet. Looking forward to it, but for whatever reason I want to share the experience so I’ve been trying to find other people who want to watch it with me. No luck yet, but maybe I’ll just ask around on Saturday and see if anybody wants to.

This weekend through about next Wednesday will be crazy. Saturday is the usual Saturday gig these days: grabbing breakfast w/ Mathieu, meeting regarding the church website development, and then heading down to SH. Most of the day disappears right there.

Sunday the usual Sunday stuff, but also gonna be hanging out at a party w/ some SH-fringe folk I met a couple weeks ago. Actually, I’ve only met one of the hosts, but I’ve talked to her boyfriend a decent amount on Twitter and he’s pretty cool.

I got a new USB flash drive on Sunday. It holds 8GB. It still amazes me the progress technology makes so quickly. In college, my USB flash drive only held 32MB. But now I can fit more than a DVD on it. Who’s the old man now?

I was looking at some programming courses online if I want to get some “official” education/certification: over $2k for a three course certification. Probably not a bad rate, but it frightens me enough to keep me at bay until I decide how serious I am. I still want to do the International Studies grad program, too, but the delay in starting until Fall 2009 has me a bit antsy to find something to do in the meantime.

I wish I could express everything I’ve been thinking lately, but more and more I’m finding that some parts of life just don’t play out well in cyberspace. That’s probably why I haven’t been posting as much lately. That and all my secret projects, mwahaha!

I’ll probably never link to them from here, but if you’re curious I’ll let you know about them when they launch.

Your Obsession Gets You Known (417)


Going to the post office, getting my stitches out today, 26, work, dinner (Italian) in Bellevue, and maybe sleeping sometime.

I’m learning to type abbreviated messages due to insane amounts of Twitter usage. You can see by this graph my usage has exploded this month.

Gotta go get ready for the day now.

HD Format Wars: Blu-Ray Wins

If you have an HDTV and have been considering purchasing a high-definition video player, the one to choose now is Blu-Ray. Toshiba, the long-time proponent of the HD-DVD format, is calling it quits w/ the format . Toshiba will be halting production of HD-DVD hardware after numerous recent losses of major studios and retailers (Wal-Mart) to the Blu-Ray format (via Slashdot).

You will see HD-DVD players and discs on discount as its backers try to liquidate their wares and cut their losses, but you should not buy them if you want your content to have long-term usability and any hope of growing the size of your video collection as HD-DVD videos will have increasingly limited availability.