I’m feeling good. My immune system is finally back in gear so I can eat normal (microwaved food) again. Although I managed to add Cup O’ Noodle to my diet in the interim period.

Ran into snow today. The fortunate thing about typically getting to work 50 minutes early means that on days with bad weather I usually still make it on time. I’ve only been late to this job once by ten minutes and that was easy enough to make up on lunch break.

I’m keeping busy with lots of potential web projects. I’ve got MyTwitter that I’ve been working on and I’m also helping out with two other projects — one with my church and another one w/ some guys from Saturdays. It’s good times. Once I get a laptop I’ll be able to do even a little bit more hopefully, but this is still a hope and not quite reality.

Managed to sit in on a conversation regarding theology today. I know the term “Federal Vision” though I don’t have any grasp of the underlying theological concepts at this point. I intend to look at it more at some point, but that day is not today. Plus, due to either intellectual laziness or a more keen interest in other topics (punk rock, coding, etc.) I really am not all that interested. I’ll look into it a bit at some point though.

If I ever do read up on Federal Vision, these are the first resources I will check: Wikipedia: Federal Vision and Federal Vision and Theopedia: Federal Vision.