The power button for my computer monitor (19″ Dell flat panel) broke today. I called Isaac to ask him to Google for fixes. No luck — nobody knows how to fix computer monitor power buttons. At least, not anyone on the internets.

I called Tyler to ask him if he knew how to fix it. He informed me that monitors aren’t typically designed with deconstruction and fixing in mind.

I called Dell in a feeble attempt to receive “customer service.” In general I like Dell, but their customer service sucked. At first, it’s IVR couldn’t figure out what I was saying, then I got angry and yelled at it and it told me to wait. I waited ten minutes before giving up (plus from previous experience I figured they would ask me to pay them money to give me advice that probably wouldn’t fix the problem anyway — that and my warranty is probably expired).

In frustration with the entire situation, I took out a pocket knife, stabbed the power button repeatedly, and proceeded to cut it out off. I then found where I needed to push to turn on the power, stabbed it, and now my monitor is turned on again.

4 thoughts on “Rigged!”

  1. Ah yes, my favorite method, the Brute Force method. Sometimes the most fun, but I suspect not in this case.

  2. I guess this shows that even modern electronics can be fixed with a pocket knife, duct tape, pliers, and baling wire.

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