A Second-Hand Apple

I’m going to buy Isaac’s Apple iBook G4 1.4ghz 14″ laptop w/ 512MB RAM, 80GB hard-drive, and Superdrive (CD/DVD burner). Not the freshest machine on the face of the planet, but it’s the cheapest way to get into an Apple laptop without spending $1000+. Plus, I’m planning to upgrade the RAM to 1.5ghz and upgrade it to Leopard to give it a bit of a life-expectancy boost.

This isn’t the first time I’ve bought used Apple products from Isaac. Previously, I bought his iPod Mini 4GB when he got an iPod Color 20GB, and then later bought his iPod Color 20GB when he got tired of iPods. I’ve saved quite a bit by chewing on used Apples.

I’m excited about getting a laptop because it will enable me to take documents portable and work on them wherever I happen to be. Recently, I started hanging out with a technology community on Saturdays. People sit around coding on their laptops, tossing out ideas for things, asking questions, working on projects, eating food, playing games, and doing just about anything.

Yesterday, for example, some of the guys there started talking about an idea for a new website to post random thoughts, secrets, and ideas anonymously. It’s going to run on this complicated backend of dozens of variables to help decide what content to show, narrow down the sort of content you’re interested in seeing (or not), and attempt to build a sense of community. We came up with a name for the site right there, one of the guys registered it, and then the coding began. Not sure how much long-term involvement I’ll have in the project, but I’m hoping to help with testing and maybe some coding.

But yeah. Can’t wait to get it.