Never Point At Anything You’re Not Willing to Kill

I shoved $140 down the barrel of a black-powder rifle. It threatens me to prepare for the GRE. January 12, ready shall I be?

Too late for Fall 2008, but on time to prepare for whenever.

Update: Applied for a few jobs at the university today. Not sure if they’re plausible or not as far as financial considerations go, but they’d be similar in scope to my recent employment. I figure if I’m headed in that direction anyway might as well work there, too. (Plus, cheaper/free tuition if I’m reading things right.)


A Poem by Erundur Anwamehtar

O, the dark pendulum swings
naught comes to naught
forward on hope’s deft wings

O, the dark pendulum swings
ought comes to ought
reverse gears, friction sings

nights end, enlightened
forever it brings

reach the chaliced sky
never seize

touch birth, touch earth

O, the dark pendulum swings
the arc, the seeker’s relief

O, the dark pendulum swings