Coheed & Cambria – Feathers lyrics

Artist: Coheed & Cambria
Song: Feathers
Album:No World For Tomorrow

Lyrics: (Source)
History’s made its mark in anger.
As everybody knows, it’s what we do,
It’s nothing new.

The next chords struck are fault and failure
And we both know that finger points on cue,
There’s blame for two.

Obsessive Compulsive Order

Coheed Collection
Coheed & Cambria: The (Almost) Complete Collection — I’ve got all the albums comprising the sequence of The Amory Wars from the initial Second Stage Turbine Blade, through In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, to the final two-volumes Good Apollo I’m burning Star IV | Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness & Volume 2: No World for Tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right, I even bought the vinyl for No World for Tomorrow. Second Stage and No World for Tomorrow are both the deluxe editions. I think all I’m missing is their live album and possibly a live DVD.

Boo yah.