Cleaning House

Today, I worked, I shopped, and I cleaned house (apartment). I watched House aka “Sarcastic Doctor.” I wish I knew how to say “Sarcastic Doctor” en español. I’m getting my fix of posting for the day. Coheed & Cambria is my current drug of choice. I’m trying to convince a friend from church to go to the Motion City Soundtrack, Anberlin, and Mae show next week. He and his wife had me over for dinner on Sunday which was pretty cool. They’ve got a nice place.

Work is alright. Nothing special. Just waiting for the New Year’s Raise (three cheers for socialist market principles and the rise of the proletariat)! The key is to be one of the proletariat who becomes the new ruling elite and then you’re set. A single spark.

I need to sleep. My parents fly here in the morning so I gotta wake up… too soon.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning House”

  1. Having the proletariat become the ruling elite is not the goal of socialism. The proletariat is supposed to come to the point where they take control of the means of production and divide the wealth each according to their need. There would be no new ruling elite because everyone would control production together. I’m talking theoretical Marx here, not the formerly actually existing stuff like Soviet socialism.

    P.S. I hate you, that concert sounds like it’ll be awesome.

  2. I realize in a perfect Marxist society the proletariat is supposed to seize the means of production, etc. However, it never works out this way in practice. In reality, a Lenin or a Mao rises to power. So what I’m saying is, in essence, become friends with the people who will seize power and you’ll have a much better time.

    Yes, the concert will be awesome, although I’m still finalizing plans. Though I think if I don’t go for any reason I’m probably just a moron.

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