The most recent episode of South Park featured the kids playing Guitar Hero. It was enjoyable. It has me newly rehooked on Kansas – “Carry On My Wayward Son” in a way I haven’t been since the year 2000 (y2k!!!).

And now I’m delving into my audio searching for any song that features blazing, wailing, and otherwise raucous guitars. The new Coheed & Cambria does well and I still looking for a few more tunes to fit in.

Work is going well still. I’m getting a much better grasp of what goes on in the overall organization as opposed to just my business unit. Doesn’t hurt I guess. Things work a lot different here than they would in Nebraska or Colorado, but I like some of the ideas and I’ve got a lot of respect for the people in charge. They’re not just on autopilot doing their thing, they actually care.

I recently came up with my goals for 2008. (Not resolutions, dang it, and speaking of non-resolutions I’m at 312 days.)

Largest goal for 2008: Get married (or meet the woman)!

Nope, I’m not setting my sights high at all, but I’ve decided to be honest with myself. Of all the things in my life I feel would be most worth accomplishing next year, marriage is number one. I’m analytical and calculating and obsessed — and probably hurting my chances by blogging about it! (Great, now I have to make sure she doesn’t read my blog until IT’S TOO LATE!)


The Dane offered me some good dating advise: lure them with anime. I tried it once, and I can’t forget the horrors I experienced… the show featured a boy who would turn into a squirrel every time he got hugged. Horrible, horrible! Actually, I had fun on that date, but it wasn’t going to work so instead I just made out with her, went home, and broke up with her over the phone the next time I talked to her.

So yeah. No more first/second dates with anime. I’m still recovering from the mental searing.

True story.