Coheed & Cambria – Feathers lyrics

Artist: Coheed & Cambria
Song: Feathers
Album:No World For Tomorrow

Lyrics: (Source)
History’s made its mark in anger.
As everybody knows, it’s what we do,
It’s nothing new.

The next chords struck are fault and failure
And we both know that finger points on cue,
There’s blame for two.

Obsessive Compulsive Order

Coheed Collection
Coheed & Cambria: The (Almost) Complete Collection — I’ve got all the albums comprising the sequence of The Amory Wars from the initial Second Stage Turbine Blade, through In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, to the final two-volumes Good Apollo I’m burning Star IV | Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness & Volume 2: No World for Tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right, I even bought the vinyl for No World for Tomorrow. Second Stage and No World for Tomorrow are both the deluxe editions. I think all I’m missing is their live album and possibly a live DVD.

Boo yah.


“There can only be one!”

Yes, I just watched Highlander. Honestly, I was expecting more from the soundtrack. Seriously, couldn’t Queen have come up with some better songs? Then again, did any good music come out of 1986?

Although the movie is more about the action. The absurdity of it was more interesting than anything. The dialogue gave me the most to enjoy. Lines like the cop saying, “Don’t move; don’t even breathe!” or later in the movie when the bad guy jumps in the car and yells, “MOM!” had me laughing plenty.

So November is almost over. I’m running out of goals for the year. The major one is still going. I’m angling to get at least one lunch date during December. I think it’s fairly likely and I only hope I don’t botch things up with my incredible knack for unsmoothness. Eh.

Who’s looking forward to Christmas? I’m trying to be less materialistic than other years, but I didn’t even make it through Black Friday without shopping. The good news is I’m just about done.

It was fun having the parents out here for Thanksgiving. Showed them around a lot, visited with some old family friends, lived out the annual family rivalry (Colorado v. Nebraska) wherein the Huskers were shamed (good riddance to Callahan), much food was consumed, and many excellent conversations had.

Work is going well. Other than the sexual harassment. I can’t say I enjoy being on the receiving end of jokes and I must say it’s a completely awkward situation being joked about. I tell myself that “I’m a man, I can handle some jokes” which is true, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Now I understand why harassment is considered such a problem — because it disrupts the workplace and creates a negative working environment. Even if I want to say something about it, it’s not quite that easy because speaking up creates real consequences for the people involved and there’s always the possibility of retribution or attempted retribution if anyone gets in trouble.

On reflection, I’m a bit pissed about the whole situation. I hadn’t thought it over much yet.

Uncovered Too Late (A Chill Breeze Falls)

I was hoping to go to a concert tomorrow. I dutifully waited until the last minute as is necessary to satisfy my procrastinatorial nature.

I F$^%ed myself over!!!! It’s “SOLD OUT” and now I know how much I really wanted to see the show. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I’m going into concert withdrawal. I NEED LIVE MUSIC!

head explodes