The Joys of Dislocation

I want to roadtrip to Canada tonight to see The Weakerthans whose show in Seattle I missed last night due to checking their myspace concert schedule and finding out they were playing downtown right that moment. I’m being good though and not going due to lack of financial resources.

I’ve been here almost a year and haven’t seen a show yet. I hope to make up for that. New Found Glory is coming up and, in November, Motion City Soundtrack, Anberlin, and Mae are all playing at the same show.

I went to the eye doctor today and got my vision checked. My prescription is out-of-date so I need new lenses. Than God for vision insurance. It would’ve cost me $578, but for the exam, exam materials, new lenses, new frames, and anti-reflective coating will only cost me $146. I have no complaints and only wish I’d gone sooner.

I’ve got a doctor, I’ve got an eye doctor; now all I need is a new dentist.

Return of The Polls

In the amount of time it’s been since I last had a poll (or polling booth) on my site (over eighteen months), real, meaningful polls have taken place in dozens of countries and thousands of cities worldwide. This will be one place you don’t have to worry about ballot boxes being lost because there’s only one. Feel free to lie, cheat, and steal the vote as much as you like.

You actually have to visit the site or the polling booth in order to vote.



The soundtrack on my ride home today was:

Route 257Ambient Sounds

  • The Pick-Me-Up
  • Strangers Through the Window
  • Drug Store Pass-her-by
  • The Interstate is Open
  • 520 Loves You, but You Just Love the View
  • Stop-and-Go, But Mostly Stop
  • Who taught you to be so loud?
  • The Carpool Lane is Beautiful this Time of Day
  • Thank God My Stop is Here

The album can be purchased for $2.00. Proceeds benefit the earth. All you need to get a copy is to come to Seattle and visit me.