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If you purchase digital music at all (oh, I know some of you are pirates, don’t try to hide it from me), let me point out the newly born Amazon MP3 (beta). All of the songs are straight MP3s (no DRM) so they’ll work just fine on iPods or any MP3 player or can be burned to CD without any difficulty. The site doesn’t have as much selection as iTunes (at least not yet), but they’ve snagged content from major labels Universal and EMI. So you can enjoy artists such as Kanye West, Coldplay, and David Bowie.

You don’t listen to Bowie? Ok, that’s fair, neither do I.

Another advantage over iTunes: price. The top 100 songs are $.89/each and the top $100 albums are $8.99. In general though, song costs start at $.89 and depend on length.

via Daring Fireball:

Amazon’s single pricing is based on track length. Songs that are more than seven minutes long cost $1.94, songs more than 14 minutes cost even more. This isn’t necessarily a bad deal compared to iTunes — Apple makes many of these tracks album-only.

Oh, and for a sweet taste of irony… have you seen the new Apple nano advertisement? You know, this one:
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iPod nano featuring Feist1234

The irony is that this song is the #1 (album version) and #4 (single) most purchased song on Amazon MP3, it costs 10 cents less than on iTunes, and there’s no copy restrictions.

She’s Got a Silk Dress and…

I wish I could live in a fantasy world.

Sometimes, I pretend.

‘But it’s no use now,’ thought poor Alice, ‘to pretend to be two people!’

Or to pretend to live in a different world. All the same, I still try. I listen to tips about pick-up artistry, learn names, introduce myself, and wear my best shirt and pin-striped pants.

But since that doesn’t go so well, I watch TV (new this season: Bionic Woman, The Big Bang Theory) and read books. I’ve developed an affinity for 1970s era fiction including scifi and horror: The Odessa File, Carrie, The Sword of Shannara, Ringworld.

I read all of Carrie on Sunday. I love devouring books. I enjoyed it despite the immense amounts of violence, the religious fervor and fanaticism of various characters, violence, and rawness. The movie is in my queue.

I need to go to sleep.


I found out yesterday one of my aunt’s has cancer. So far, it sounds like she’s got a good chance of making it, but from what little I know of cancer it’s never a positive event in somebody’s life even if the process goes as perfectly as possible.

I want to feel strongly about it, but I haven’t been able to yet. I’m just trying to figure out how/when I’d be able to head down to California to see her and my uncle.

Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream