Boy Who Works in a Shop

Today is best described as a day with complete lack of woe. I carried no woe for anything.

I woke up early to whisper to mom about what to get dad for his birthday. “… it’ll only be $10 more there, mom.”

I quickly dressed and put on my current favorite red “CA” shirt and my new sexy faded jeans in order to head down to Starbucks for breakfast. Coffee cake and hot chocolate started the morning. Mom headed off for work, but Dad had the day off so we sat for a while.

Upon heading home I stumbled upon the only downside of the day: while driving, we noticed a man and bicycle laying unmovingly on the sidewalk with two people standing over him unsure of what to do.

Today’s the first time I’ve ever called 911. The Asian man lay on the sidewalk with blood dripping from his nose. Apparently, the curb did not have much regard for his bicycle and he crashed while trying to get onto the sidewalk. At first the man didn’t want help, but by the time the paramedics arrived he let them take him to the hospital.

We got home and then I borrowed the car to go shopping for a present of my own to get dad.

After I got back, I went with dad on a couple errands and then we went to Estes Park. We went to The Big Horn for some steamed hickory pork/beef, meandered through various shops, and I bought a new hoodie. I found the restaurant Locals and took a cameraphone picture as a reminder of previous fond memories.

Dad & I wound our way down and back around the shopping district of Estes Park. Soda at Subway, then we returned home. I napped in the car, shades on, and dad drove.

Time passed and mom arrived home. Dad opened his gifts: a Superman comic book (he remarked the other day his mom had thrown away his comics when he was in college) and the new Eisley album (new indie-rock flavor to try). Mom bought him an iPod (black 30GB w/ video). I showed him how to buy TV shows — he’s looking forward to watching Leno on the bus to work.

Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s for dinner (although we all had burritos and mine had shrimp). The brothers didn’t make it, but we’ll see them on Sunday.

For evening entertainment, we watched Catch & Release — a movie based in Boulder. A comedy, romantic, but more sad than cheery. I enjoyed the flavor: Celestial Seasonings, Bolder Boulder t-shirts, and a few scenes actually filmed there.

And tomorrow will be another day.