A Warrior Cries

A Warrior Cries
A Poem by Erundur Anwamehtar

Everyday, the war continues
with flaming arrows flying far.
The warriors fight for countless hours
going forth, never back, beneath the stars.

A Hero arisen leads the fight.
He’s drawn many people to his side
and constantly they live in light
of His love. He gave all to stop the tide.

He gave them life, his life, and they live.
“I have come that YOU may have life!”
He shouts for men and women to give
their chains to him and leave behind eternal strife.

Many join – many, but not all.
Some hate the light, prefer blindness,
and run through broad streets until they fall
forever because they refused a Hero’s kindness.

Rally, men, rally to his cry!
Turn, women, you must open your eyes!
Look now, all, and realize
you must be on the right side
before you die
fighting for lies.