The Crowing

Apparently, Facebook’s user base has grown 270% in the last year (Source: Mashable). No wonder so many people are on there now! Even some Gen-X types. It’s craziness, I tell you. But I like it. I’ve got maybe two or three people I consistently email and just about everyone else is on Facebook or Myspace.

I know this is an off-the-wall (ha) sort of thought, but how is anybody ever going to document what’s happening between people in our society when all of this electronic information disappears (deleted intentionally, deleted accidentally, deleted when networks fail, etc.)? Then again, it’s not like we have recorded conversations of people previously unless the letters survived.

Some day I will kill a tree to record my blog. Ah yes, you too can have my self-reflection, assorted rantings, and occasional disregard of copyright law on thin slices of tree bound with threads.

Worst book ever? Yes.